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Mrs. G. A. Link. Cedar Springs, Miei . says: "Aa a har m lesa quieting dy I hare oever Eotmd au squal to Adirouria when my baby is fretful." Sold by all drugglets. plexlon only Nature ÖuSÏ can give. She gives a n, Sam clear and soft one to those who gg nÍ use Dr. Hebra's Viola Cream. It is" iiot ]K a paint or powder to cover defects. It !f Li?r ri of tkcnti by Nature's own ll cess of renewing the vitality of the skin ; V bamshing all roughness, redness, freckles, moles, pimples, blackheads, sunburn and tan. It does this surely and harmlessly, because naturally. lts use means both skinbeauty and skin-health. Viola Skin-Soap hastens the process, because it is a pure and delicate soap. It should be used in connection with the Cream. It should be used in the nursery, too. Ordinary soaps are not fit for a baby's skin. Viola Cream, 50 cents. Viola Skin-Soap, 25 cents. Sold by drugglsts or sent by mail. Send to G. O. B1TTNER CO., TOLEDO, O. n Jl fijlB HAIR bBALSAMhite 1 Kever Pails to Bestore Gray IsiwriHI Hair to lts Youthful Color. wMuLi--"H Cutcb icalp diseatiea Si hair iaümg, A Chlchestvr Enjsllsh Diamond Rrand. Pennyroyal pílu 0 --"Tik. Original and Only Genuine. A VííRVA safe, alwavs riable. ladies ask & (gW&PÜfS&mond Brand in Ked and Gold UietnlIicVy jfc -Ofe.rjhoxes, scaled with blue ribl)iru Take O i ?ï i"' ther. Refxtse dangermts substífif v I fíf'.'ons a'" imiíiiíiona. At Drrurgst8, or end 4c. i V-W in stampB for partloalars, testbnenlftb and V T JEr Relief fr Cadles, t n letter, by return - T_ Mali. 10.000 TesUmoi _ "- "" 'hl'ln'terCncBlcul('i.,l_ullítiÉ Nnuure. Sold bj ail Lucal Drugfista. ' l'hiiudl pi THINAGURA FOR THIN PMOPLE Are Yon Thin? Flc-sh made with Thlnacura Tableta by a sclentlflc process, They créate perfect asslmilatlon of every fann op rroO, secretlng 11111 vuluale parta and dlscardlng the worthtesB. They make i liin facea plump and ronnd out the figure, Ihey are the STAM A II KEinEDK for leanness, contalnlng no arsenlc, and al so lutelyharmless Price, prepaid, 11 per box 6 for 16. Pampblet, -'How To Get Fat," free The TH1NACURA CO., 949 Broadivav, New Vork,


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