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Tilia Caifa Tail Is in Front A Scarboro (Me.) man has a cow tvhich recently brought an offspring 'nto the world. The calf la said to be UI right except as to the tail, and the -ail is all rigb.t, only it is misplaced jeing on the wrong end of the beast. It s said to grow from between the eyes. ín fact, the animal looks more like a aby elephant than a cow. It was found .hat the calf was likely to starve to ïeath from its inability to suck and .vag its tail at the same time, so it was jrought up by hand. SIX pjjLOCK. WEART WOMEN WATCH FOR THAT BLESSED HOUR. Help for onr Working-Girls and TVomen Near at Hand. [SPECIAL TO OÜB LADT BEADEK8 ] fN the stroke of six ends the k day's work at stores, offices, I factories, milis, where women " are employed. 3L But their necesQkmIIt sary work at ■sáíÍMk. bome. sewing, LzmkmendinZ' etc-' W ajPli Si must be done ilËP after that time, &WÊËÊÈf and "theirwork vHv is never done." All women work; m ' some for ambition, t,i iJi some for econJÊËÊÈk oiny in the irll household, but lili the great mass f' ipili of women work If'fili for their daily f ■■"■"! A1' are I ii subJect to the I I same physical l I ■IBP la;V ; ,aH suffer t_jWJ_J disturbances, JF ■ 2-aSP and the nature fllPPliWIif' of their duties ' ■:ÏJ:llil often quickly drifts them into the horrors of all kinds of female complaints, ovarian troubles, inflammation, ulceration, falling and displacement of the womb, leucorrhoaa, and perhaps irregular or suppressed " monthly periods," causing severe backache, loss of appetite, nervousness, m tability and weakness. j(t Lydia E. Pinkhani's ■■L table Compound is the tfSj&Sl ing cure for all these troubles. Kj It strengthens the proper ÈT cíes, and cures displacement. fg%H Backache, dizziness, JËÊI0]S 'l ing, bearing-down, disordered Sfjf stomach, moodiness, dislike jhrif of friends and society - all Km symptoms of the one cause H KI - will be quickly dispelled. 4BP Write Mrs. Pinkham about ■HHfft(f;' your tröuble. WHPil Y ou can teil the story of N&nliÉl your pain to a woman, and B get the help that only woman % can give. Mrs. Pinkham's address s Lynn, Mass. flf KRWARie OF COI'NTKRFEITS. H Thp.'iity snip and always rellable Belief ■B fur i.adtes. Accept no worthless and danB p-friui imitations. Pavo nioney and guard JV heallh ly tnlungnotninf; but tlie i nlyeeimeK ine and origina, "Wilcox o niminï Tansy V Pilis, in metal boxes hearing sliiold trade BV mark. prico $2.00, all druirtïuts. Stjnd 4 ets. for Woman1s8afe Guard 8 nrply malled. WILI'OX SIK'II'I: "O., 22S South VA-it Street, I-Siiln., P. DR. A. KENT HALE, Phystcian and Suigeon. ..... GENE BAL PKACHCI!. aair111""1""110 Office, Hamiffon Bik., üffleo Houre:- lOtö ■ n j n 12i. m. 1 to8 p. m. M hOOf. A Magazine Always up To Date is the one progresaive women want To help to cook, eat, serve and live well is the chief aira of Table Talk the American authorityon culinary and household topics. It treats of the econom'es and necessitiesof ihe tabla as wei) its luxuriea uiul dainties. It givesfhe latest recipes andfashions; menus for weddings, receptions, dinaers, card parties, and all special occasions We have rnade arrangements with the manufactures of the g-enuine and famous De I ong Hook and Eye. by whicb every one of om readers may obtain a liborai supplj for their use. The manufaoturts to introduce thisnewest invention for the árese into every city and town in the United States, have made it oossible for us to make the followin;; Liberal Offer We vvill Bend as a premium, om gros (12 dozen) ot th ine at:d famous De Lonj; Hooks aod EyesfretaiJ value. 90cents) to every new subscribir to this magazine. Positively you have the genuine DE LONG Patent Hook and Eye if you see on the face and back of every card the words See that '""VV hump?sSP TIUM-MAR REG. AP. „,t WV&. o Subscription Price, $1.00 Per Year. Address, TAHLE TALK PDBUSHINC CO. 13 iKsiiiut StreeU Pbllmle1"1, Pa - m YBSB OSTÜM y Tfl PiGTÜBESQüc lUeOKlG ISLBND. ONE THOUSAND MILES CP LAKE RIDB AT SMALL EXPENSE. Visit, this Historical Island, which is the grnndest summer rcsort on tho Great 8. It cnly costs about $13 froin Detroit ; $15 from Toledo ; $18 f rom C:uveland, for the round trip, includitig meals and berths. Avoid the heat and lust by traveling on the D. & C. floatini; palaces. The attractions of a trip to the Mackinac regicn are unsurpassed. The islund itself is a grand romantic spot, its ;:iunate most invigorating. Two new passenger steamers have just been built for the upper lake route, costing ftiüO.OOO each. They are equipped with every modern convenience, annunciutors, üath rooms, etc., illuminated throughout ! electricity, and are guaranteed to be üie grandest, largest and safest steamers '-ii fresh water. These steamers favorably compare with the great ocean liners in contruction and speed. Four trips per week beuveen Toledo, Detroit, Alpena, Mackinac, St. Ignace, Petoskey, Chicago, " Soo," Marquette and Duluth. Daily between Cleveland and Detroit, and Cleveland and .'ii!-iri-Bay. The palatial equipment aakes traveling on these steamers thormghly enjoyable. Send for illustrated k'scriptive pamphlet. Addrsss A A, Schaktz, G. P. A., D. & C, Detroit, Mick BASKETS ! WILLO ff BASKETS of all kinds. SPECIAL SIZE8 AND SHAPE3 MADE TO ORDER. REASONABLE BATES. lili 1.1,11' EXINEK, i tr ■ ■.. W - - M Ut OrfiÊRÜUPiCAÏOHSlB The neus Stencil Process Printer wil ■ei Li 2,000 copies of a written or typcnritten original. Anyone can se it. Price $10 up. ïhe Lawson Simplex Printer simple, cheap, effective-wül make 100 '-n-ritttn original, or 75 copies from typt writing. No waming re. Price, $5 to $10. Scndfor circuÍQ '. LAWTON & CO., 20 Vfscy si., New Vork, City. AÏJD OÖR SEÏSÉE WÍNFER8 üy SFKMii.Ni; a i i:w MONTHS AT iNTERLACHEN, FLORIDA HOTEL, HÍCELY FIMISHED - Al. si - SIVERAL OOTTAGHS-FiirnlsHed or lulïirulMlud For Sale or Bent at Low Rate. AIso Some Fine Growing Orange Groves FOR SALE. High Rolling Land, Very Healthful. QOOD SOCIETY. Numerous lieautiful Ldkeê in the lm medíate Vicinity. SEVERAL ANN AEBOB PEOPJLE SPEND THEIK WINTERS AT IXTERLAf I KV John R. Miner and family own two cottages and spend their winter at this place. Rent and expenses far cheaper than in Ann Arbor. You can spend' your winter in the delightful climate of Interlachen at leas expense than you can stay at home, oy renting a furnished cottage and keeping house. For full information address LOTT ALLEN. Interlachen, Fla. íTíjañkün housT DETROIT, ÍVJICH. leaviue home, vrhether ure fo deelde upon a ■ cocfusioa visit 1 't'trt-it we would be -, It&ied o hay you stop at the old ! 'L■;■;■ i.klln Houw," cor. Larned .■il! lates Kts , wliere you wil! have a t ood meal an1 a cíean bed at moderate rates. i [se lias twen renovated from top to j Ljottom, and is now in first-class oonditlon. Resiiectfully, H. H. JAMES. ! ?.Ioaï ., 35c. I.odgings, 50. PcrDay, SI. 50. HUMPHRBYS' Di . Humpl-rrys' gpeoillcB are Rcientiflcally and carefully prcparcii Remedies, used for j-enrs In private practica and f'or over thirty yean by the people witta umin' suocaii. Erery Bütgle íspociflo a special cure íor the dlscase w ï- _ "" men 1- Fevers, Congostr.iis, InJIammaöona. . .-S íí- Worm, Worm Ver, Worm 'ollc a5 3-Teethiug, Collo, Crytag. WakufulneM .25 4- Uiarrhea, of Children or Adolts 25 7- Couelis. C'olds, Bronchitis 25 8- Neuralyia, Toothaeho, Faceache ,'&, 9- Headaches, Slok Headache, Vértigo. .25 10- Dyspepsia, Blllonsnees, Conetlpatloc. .25 11-Soppressi-o orPa,nfti Peiiods .. .25 1- VVhites. Too Proftue Periods 25 !3- Cronp, I-aryncitis, Iloar&eness .. '.. ".. .25 14-Salt Uhcuni, Erygipelaa, ErupUon. . .25 13 KlnuiiKUism, Kheumatie Paíns 2S iu .uaiurin, willis, rover anu Agüe 25 19-Catarrh, Influenza, Colrt In the Heart. .25 20 - WhoupinK Coueh 25 27- Kidiuy Disennes 25 28-Nervous Ucbili ty 1 .00 30-Uriuary WrnKiuss 25 34- SoreTbroal, Quincy, TJlci'ratcrtThroat.aí "--: 0R. HUMPHREYS' nnin OCr I NEW SPECIFIC POR GRIP, 25C. Pul il? in sm.ll hottlcs of ploasimt iUets, ju-st fl youl vet iKicket. 8old ly DriiKtcl8t, or aiuit PKIMM os v.-pii.t itf nric DB. HCMPIIBSTS' MANUAI..H4 inc, maIim. MUU iimpiiiiKïs, ui & nj'wimi,is..Nt vont. SFBCIPIOS,


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