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An Ordinance Relative To Fire Limits And Fires

An Ordinance Relative To Fire Limits And Fires image
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The Crnnmm Öowncüo] OityofAnn Arbor Ordain: Sectkxn i. Nu person, ilrmorcorporation shall hereaf ter place, enlarge orerecl any building or structure, pn any (oi or part of a lot fronting on any oí the following streets or parts ofstreets, to-wit:on Main street between King8ley and William streets; on Huron streel between First streel and Fifth Avenue; on Washington street, between Aahley street and Fin h eime: (in Liberty street between First street and Fil'th Avenue; on Ann streel bet ween Asiiiey street and Fitt h Avenue; on Catherinesi reet between Ashley streel ml Kift h avenue; on Fourtb avenue between Kingsley and Liberty streets; on tliewest side of Flfthavenue between Kingsley and Liberty si reets: on Ashley street bebween Catherine and William streets; on the west side of State si reet between William and Euron streets; on the north side of William street bei ween Siaie and Maynard streets; on the easi side of Maynard street beWilliamand Liberty streets: on the soul b side of Liberty street between Maynard and Statestreets; and on Detroit street between Fourth avenue and Depot streets. in this city, unlesa such building or structure shall be constructcd oi stone or brick with party or tire walls of the same material: provided thatthe Board of Fire Commissionera may in lts discretion grand permission for the erection within said limita of buildings vcneered with brick or i ron and for 1 he erection of frame dwellings, bárnsand out-houses in and on all that part of the above descrlbed district lying north of Catherine street, wes! ol Ashley street. south of Liberty street and on State street between Liberty and Huron streets. Section 2. No person or persons, amor corporation shall within the said tire limita erect, repair, or rebuild any wooden building which has been partially destroyed by tire or any other cause; nor elévate t'rom the ground or In any other way increase the heighi of any wooden building within the said lire limits;nor remove any building or any part thereof from one lot to another, or from one part of a lotto another part thereof, wit hout tirst obtaining the permission of the Board bf FireCommissioners therefor. And for each and every week. during which any building or structure placed, erected, enlarged, repaired. removed, or elevated contrary to the provisions of this Ordinance shall be allowed to rémain, the owner and every pari ownerofsuch building or structure may be complained of as for a dis-tind offence and punished as bereinafter provided. öbction 3. No person, flrm or corbion shall ereel or enlarge au attached or detached building wil tiin said lire liinits withoul ftrsi making appiication in writingtbthe Board oi Fiiv Commissioners ror permissiou refor. Sucli application shall sel . ion and dimensions 01 the proposed building, the puipose for which ii is intended, and i te 1 ime to beoccupied in its construcfcion, witli approximate date of completion; and in sucb application the party making the same shall further agree i conform to all the regulations and ordinances o!' thiscity rëlative to tire protection. 'h receipi of such applieations the said Board of Fire Commissioners shall, il' they deern n proper so to dö, issue a permil for the erection or enlargemeni of the said building. It shallbethe duty oi the said Board of Fire Ctommissioners to oauseany building in courseof erection or alteral Ion under their permis-ion. to be inspected from timeto time by the Chief of the Fire Department ot spme other competent person tor the purpose of determininK whether the regulations of this city vrith respect to tire proteetimi are beiug satisfactorily öbserved. The said applicani shall, al the time of the tiling of bis application, pay to tbe City niRrt mhn is herebv autnorized to oeive tin' same and issue a receipt thereïor in the name of the city, a fee to be determined in amouni as follows: f the estimated cosí oí the building or alteration shall be less than one thousand dollars, one dollar: if more than one thousand dollars and less than live thousand dollar,, two dollars: and for every additional thousaod dollars above ave thousand. ñfty eents. And the said CityClerfe shall repori naonthlyto the Common Council all premits issued and shall pay all fees received under the provi8ionsof thia onlinunce, into the city treasury. Sectiox 4. No person, Imn or corporation shall use or occupyany building within the limits of thiscity tur the manufacture of turpentine, camphene, ftreworks, nitro-glyeerine, any other dangerous or easjly inflamable or explosive substance, nor tor the storage of gun-powder in largerquani itiea than twenty-five pounds, unless the said gun-powder shall be stored in a vauli especiallj eonstructed for the purpose in a locatlon to be approvedby tiie Board of Fire Ckmmissioners. The quantity of gunnowder. twenty-flve pounds, permitted to be stored under thia sec1 Ion shall be kepi in metal canisters of a eapaci v nol to exceed s ven pounds eacn, with metal stoppers or covers, or shall any naptha, benzine, gasolene, kerosene or other Iikf intianimanie goods lo an amouní to exceed five gallons be kepi within the limita oí this city excepi in sucb place oí places asmay'beapproved by the Board oí imissioners and their premil issued therefor; and all such goods shallbe kept in metallic ressem, securely closed, and away trommatches, Bre, or any artificial light. Skctios 5. N lighted candle i r lamp shall be used aboal or carried intoanj atable, building or other .lace where hay, straw, hemp, csotton, lax, rushes, shavings, gun-powder, or er extra cumbustible, or anyexploSive material isstoredor lodged, unLess thesame iswell secured In a lantern: Nor shall any match bestrucK orligtited orbe carried burningintoor aBoui any such place, norshall artificia] Ught be used In or aboui vaults used for the storage oí gun-powder In larger quantitiee than iweniy-Hve pounds orlnoraboul buildings used for the storage oí naptha, benzine, gasoUne, kerosene or other similar highly inflammable goods, In larger quantities than Bvegallonsi SECTION 6. Ko person shall carry any tire in or through any public streeta, lañes, alleys, or other public placu= of tilia city, or in or through any private lot or premisas, unless the said flre shall bc placed u a Becurély closed pau or vesael, but it is hereby premitted that any owner or occupantof residenee or business premisos in this city may COllect leaves, rubbish. paper, pasteboard boxes, or store sweepings into small heaps in or near the gutter of any Street adjacent to the preuiises owned or occupied by them, and may destroy the said articles by burning: providing that no sueh flre shall be startedor permitted to burn before sunrise nor alter twelve M. upon any day, nor shall be so placed as to endanger any sbade or ornamental tree standing in any Street, ör otHer public place, or as to obstruct, binder or prevent public travel: and provided also that tbe permisión herein granted ior the building of lires in the public streef shall not in any way opérate to relieve or diaehargéany person or persons hom any liability to actions for daraages or of any other kind which may accrue or be broughtagafnst hini or them on account of the negligenoe or evil intent of the said person or persons. And after any fire shail have been built in the street the person or persoi s baving the care of or reponsible for the samo shall closoly watch and guard the same and shall cause the same feo be promptly extinguished at 12 M. and all ashes resulting from the sanie together with all incumbustible articles or substances remaiuinz there after to be promptly removed from the street. No tire s"hail be built under tbe. permission herein granted, nor in any lot or private enclosure for similar purposes, unless the same . shall be in charge of a person of mature years and diacretion. Section 7. Tinners, plumbers, or other mechanica whenever it naay be aecessary in the pursuil of their regui lar business, and for the oonstruction or repair of houses, sidewalks, drains, sewers, pipe connections or otner necessary repairs, alteratioas or improrements, are liereby permitted to make of kindie any street, alley, Lane or o! lier public place in this city, or on any lot with the permission of the owner or occupani thereof, any ore necessary for the purposes oï the said business'. Hut the premission herein granted shall not opérate to relieve or discharge any person froïn any liability he might otherwise incur from any negiigence or evil intent in" the care or control oí the said flre, and any sucn person building any Bre in any street. lane. alley or public place in this city shall use all reasonable precautfona to prevent any property from beingfendangered thereby. Skctio.n s. No ashes shall' be kept ordeposited within tvvcniy Eeel ofany building in any part of this city, unless the same be kep1 or deposited in a close iniu. tin or earthern vessel, or brickorstone ash house thoroug'uly secured. Ski tuin '.. Every public building or business block, mon i han one story in height. shall have ascuttle through the roof and a eonvenieni stairway or permaneni ladder leading thereto. Sbcïion 10. Every chimney hereafter erected ithin the limita ol this city shall have a tlue a1 leasi eight inches square and be ao constructed as toadmii of being scraped, brushed or cleaned. Skction 11. No pipe of any stove, chimney or flre place shall beput up or used, uniess the same be conducted ín 10 a chimney of stone or brick; and in all cases where a store pipe passes through the wood work of a building, it shall beseperated from such wood work, at leasi twoinches, byametal thimble with proper air passages. Skction 12. The Chief of the Fire Department, and the membersof the Board of Fire Commissioners are hereby severally given authority and it shall be their duty whenever they shall have good reason tobelieve thai 11 is desirable so to do,' to enter any building or enclosure In this city for the purpose of inspecting the sanie as to whether there exists any danger of Ure: provided that the offlcer ngtomake the inspection shan urst secure the permission of theowneror occupani oí the premlses therefor. And ii ahall be the duty of the 8aid owner or occupant topremit the said Chief of the Eire Department or members ofthe said Board of Fire Oommisslonere to inspeel the xiid premises immediately, and any peraoo who shall refuse to permit sucb an inspeci [on by t be proper offleer upon requesi or whoshaU hindeivor prevent such inspection shall be punished as hereinafterprovided. A report ín writingshall be made by the inspecting otHcer and l by him, accompanled by ahy reoommendatións be may deern proper and Wied witb the City Clerk. Whenever as the result of anysuchinspection the Board of Fire Commissioners sliall deern it necessaty that ehanges or repairs be made upon tlie said premises in order thai the city sliall be adequately protected from fire. they shall serve notice In writing upon the owner or occupant thereof, setting forth in the said notice the particular condltions upon the said premises regarded as the source of danger, and making such recommendations as they shall deern adviseable as tQ the ehanges or repairs to be made. The said notice shall also preicribe the time after service within which the said premises shall bemade safe. or the said changes or repairs completed, provided Uiai qo linie ttius prescribed shall be lessthan twenty-four hours or more than thirtydays. The said owner or occupam símil make thechangesor repairs prescribed In the said aotice, or suchother alterations or mprovements in the s;iii premisos as shall besatfsfactory tothe said Board of Fire Commissioners, within the prescribed time, on penal: Bve dollars (or each and every (ia thai BhaÜ elapse after the expiraation of the sald time, and before the completion of the said changes pr repair-;, provided that qo such penalty shall exceed the sumof one tmndred dollars. The Chief of the Fire Depirtment s hereby given aui1k ritj and it shall be his dn! f to see 1 liar all chimneys. hearths, ftre-places, flre-aiohca, furnacis. ovens, stove-pipes, boilers, steamengines, gas and gasolene engioes, or any oi her si ruci ure or apparatua that may be dangerous in causing or proniiii ing Bres, are consí rueted, placed or protected In auch a manner as to secure the greatest possible safety. He may require the owner or occupanl of any blacksmith shop. furnace, fohndry or other manufactory, to erect ter or reconstract nis smokestack or chlmney so as to prevent i he escape of sparks Into the open air, and the said owner or occupani when bo required either by the Chief of the Fire Department or by the Board of 'ire CommissidiH'i-s sliall proceed vrithin forty-aighi hours to inake the said alteral ion or reconstruction. Section 13. The Board ol PlreCommissioners are hereby given authority to cause any steam boiler set up and; used ín this city be examined by a competeni inspector, whoshall receive a fee oí ooi more than three dollars for each such inspection. The exam-: Ination shall be fn regard i o the material and construction of the boiler and of' t lic pipes,flues,tubes,valvesand all attachments thereto and the workmanship thereof, and in regard to the set! injas in which the said boiler is placed. A report in writingshall be made of each such inspection signed by the person making the .same, and lied witb the City Clerk. The said report shall set forth the particular boiler Inspeeted, and any defects whether oí material, workmanship, cmisi nici ion or setting, fonnd to exist in the said boiler, together with any recommendal lonsthat tiiesaid Inspector maydesire tomakein thecase. whenever in the opinión of the inspector or of the Board of Pire Commissioners any boiler isfound to be so defective in any respect as to be in danger of exploding orof causing tires, the said Board of Fire Commissioners siiaii cause a aotice of that taci to be served upon the owner ol the said boiler and also upon the person using t be same or having the care managemeni or control thereof. and alter such notice the said owner or other person In charge of the said boiler shall not opérate or use the same uutil it sliall have been properly repaired and a certifícale to thaï ellecl 18stied by the said Board of Fire Commissioners. Section 14. The Board of i iré Commissioners are hereby given authority to order the moving or removal of any electrio lisrht, telegraph or telephone wires or any other wires strung in or abont this city and the streeta thereof, when ever it shall appoar to tnera that the said wires are so placed as to be liable to canse fires, or aeriously to ïnterfere with the proper protection of this Cityor any part thereof ftgainsi Sre. The ownei-s of any such wires shall move or remove the same to conform to the orders of the said Board of Fire Commissioners within twenty-four hours after notice in writing shall have been served upon the said owner, unless a longer time shall be presenbed in the said notice. Section 15. It shall be the duty ol the. Chief of the Fire Department to ïnBpect fi-omtime to time during tbe progresB of the work. all buildings which shall hereafter be constructed or repaired within lire limits, and when the work upon any such building .-huil be completed, he is hereby authorized tn issue to the owner or occupant of the premisos, or U the person in charge ol the said workof construction or ívpair. upon request, ;i certifícate that thi building conforma to all oí the requirements of this city in regard lo Qre protection. lt is also hereby made the dutyofthe Chieí of the Pire Pepartment to report promptly to the Board of Pire Commissioners any and all vuilatfons of this ordiance that may como to his knowledge and the said Board of Pire Commissioners Bhall report the same to the ('ommon Council. Section 16 Xo perspn Bhall wilfully or knowingly raiae or circuíate a false alarm of tire, and no person shall refuse the riyht of way or in any interfere with or obstruct any lire apparatua, on its way to a tire, nor cross or run over any hose with any vehicle while the the 'said hose shall be in use any where in this city by the tire departmént. No person shall want only or wilfully injure any house or building used as a place of deposit for any flre apparatus belonging to this city, or any apparatus therein containod. Section 17. The Chief of the lire Department is hereby authorized to cali upon any person to assist nim ín getting the appai-atusof thedepartment to any tire in this city, and to procure the use oí other teams, and wagons, and oL other appliances thau those belonging to the city, if necessary, for the said purpose. And the said Chief of the Fire Department may, during the existance of any tit-e in this city, culi upon bystanders to assist him in the labor OÍ putting out the same, and may detail persons to guard property tliul may require caro and protection, and any person who shall refuse or neglect to coinply with any reasonable request, ortoobej any reasonable order or demand ol the said Chief of the Fire Department made under the authority hereín granted and conferred shall l)e punished as hereinaf ter provided. SECTIÓN Any violation of or failuretoeoinply with any of the provisión or requirem'ents of this ordiance, or with any direction, notice, order or requirement given or made by the (Jhief of the Fire Department, or Board of Pire Cotnmissioners under tho authority of, or necessary to the diacharge o tiic duties imposed upon them by this ordiance, or the charter oí this city shall be punished by a une not exeeding one hundred dollarsorby imprisonment in the Washtenaw coiinty jail, City Lock-up or in the Detroit House of ( 'orón for a terin not ninety days, or both in the discretlon of tli coürt;and if only a fine and costs b lmposed, the court naay sentence the bo imprisonment in said jaii until the paytnent thereof, but for a term not exoeeding ninety daj -. This ordinance shull take effect and be in forcé ten days after legal pubiioatioa. Passed in the Common Council tliis 7th day of August A. D. 1895. Glen V. Mills, City Clerk. Approved this I2th day of Ootober A. D. IS'.).".. Mayor.


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