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Lost For Ages

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inrormation: In Turkestan, on the right bank of the Amou Diara, in a chain of roeky hills, near the Bokharan town of Karaki, are a number of large caves which, upon examination, were found to lead to an underground city, built apparently long before the Chrisian era. According to efflgies, inscriptions and designs upon tb gold and silver money unearthed from among the ruins, the existence of the town dates back to some two centuries before the birth of Christ. The underground Bokharan city is about two versts long and is composed of an enormous labyrinth of corridors, streets and squares, surrounded by houses and other buildings two or three stories high. The edifices contain all kinds of domestic utensils, pots urns vases and so forth. In some of thé streets falls of earth and rock have obstructed the passages, but generally the j visitor can walk about freely without lowering his head. The high degreee of civilization attained by the inhabitants of the city is shown by the fact that they built in eeveral stories, by the symmetry of the streets and square, and by the beauty of the clay and metal utenails and of the ornaments and coins.


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