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GREAT VALUÉ WEEKL Y NE WS FOIl oi THE WORLD LITTLE MONEX. F0It A TMIFLE. A' twenty-page journal, is the leiding Eepublican family paper of the United States. It is a National lainily Faper, and gives all the general news of the United btates. It gives the evenis of foreign lands in a nutshell. lts "Aqricultural" department has no superior in the country, lts "Marhet lieitm'ts" are reeognized authority. Separate departments for "The Family Circlè " "Our Toung Jolhs," and "Science and Mechantes." lts "Home and Sonety" columns command tle airaiiation of wives and daughters. lts general political news, editorials and discussions are comprehenelve, brilliant and ex laustive. A SPECIAL, CONTRACT enables U8 to offer this splendid journal and Ihe Register for One Year For Only $1.25, CASH IN ADVANCE. The regular subscription for the two papers is $2.00) Snbarriptlona Mbj Beln at Any Time. Address all orders to THE REGISTER. Wnte jmir namt and srfáw on a postal card, send Ü to'Geo W Best ruiíM. W3l&L 1 RUU ' riU be muikdtoyoufree.


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