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Real Estate Transfers

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■ lames Beasley to Aun E. Smith Chelsea $ 300 Juliaette J. Winea to t Ibas. !: Ilis ook, Ai:n Arbor,. 3000 1 liosa C. Ward to Artbur Brown Aun Arbor .. 300 Ai-thu!' Brown und rifo to Jolíatte J. in.s. Aun Albor 7(io Arthin Arowo and wifoto Abraham B. Wines, Ann Arbor. ... 700 Catherina Brenion to Edward Brenion, Preedom 1,160 Beubon Kempf and wife to Chas. II. Kempf, Lima 1.00 Emil Stabler and wifc to Rcuben and Chas. H. Kempf Lima 3000 Mary Bollinger by C. C. C , to Reubea Kempf, Lima. 1010.71 GarhardH. KrugerandB. II. Dresselhaus by C. C. C. to líeubon and ('has. H. Kempf, l'Veodom 1790.60 Henry C. Exingfer and wife to C. (i. and M. E. Liddcll Ann Arbor 1000 Maggie Corbett to Courtland H. Bliven. Ann Arbor 1.0( Ajratha Weittbrecht to Fred'k G. Schleicher Ann Arbor GflO Chas. E. Osmun to Chas. E, Collins, Doxter 3450 Augustus L. Webster, Trustee to Emma .1. Orr; Anti Arbor 1.00 Arthur Brown and wife to Rosa C. Ward, Ann Arbor... 500 James N. Wallaee and wife to Home Security Life Asso. , Ypsilaotl 400 James P. Bycraft and wife to Rosina Youngs, Delhi Mills .. 300 Sarah J. Showers to James F. Godfrey, Vpsilanti ].00 Rachel A. Dort to David 11. Curts, Ypsilanti Mary A. Dwyer to Mary E. Sniith, Ypsilanti 1000 Mary EL Smith to Glen C. Lawrence and wife, Ypsilanti 2500 Wm Whaley, by C. C. to Frederick Schmid, York 1501.82 Michael J. Grahani and wife to Edward Doody, Lyndon 1800 Villiara Pattison to J. P. Fryer Ypsüanti 300 as. N. Newton to Sarah Newton, Ypsilanti, 150 -leeve Chipman to Emma J. Loomis, Ann Arbor, Í.0Ü ohn and Irene M. Nollar to .James W. Duncan, Salera 1.00