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for Infante and (Qhiidren. THIRTY years' obuwvation of Castoria with tho patronage of riillions of persons, pennit ni to speak oí it without goessing. It is imquestionably thebest rrTücdy for ïnfants and Childron the world ha ever knotra. It is linrmlos. JChildren like it. It givcn them health. It igjil savn thexr Iivos. In it Mothera have ■omething -nrhich is afcsolntely taf e and praoticaily perfect aa a chiid's moüicinc. Castoria Aestroys 'Wormg. Castoria fillays Feverishness. Castoria prevenís voniitm! Sonr Cnrd. Castor! corea Diarrhcaa and Wind Colie. Castoria relievea Teething Tronbles. Pastorie onros Constipation and Flatnlenoy. Caatorio, nentraHzea the effects of carbonio ncid gas or poisonons air. Castoria does not contain morpcine, opium, or other narcotio property. Castor[:i nssimilatea the food, regnlatos tho stomnch and boweïs, gi'vi'ig hcalthy and natural sleep. Cagtoria ia put op in one-size hottlss only. It is not sold ín bnlk. Pon't nllow aay ono to solí yon anything else on the plea or promiae that it is " just as Rood " and " xirill gauwer every purpose." Seothat yon get C-A-S-T-O-R-I-A. The fao-simile 7y sIT isonvery signatnre of W-JZSCá.' wrepper. Chiidren Cry for Pitcher's Castoria,


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