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Charles Hoyt Is to -rite an Irl Play. Nellete Recd will 'be in E. J. Henley'i supporting company this season. "My Friend from India" is one of the successes 1n New York city this seaeos. "Adirondack Folks" is the title which lias been given a play lately completeed by H. P. Bigelow. "The Power oí the Czar" la the Utl o# a new play by Loriraer Johnston and B. L. O'Connor. Mrs. Langtry is going on a tour of England and will give recitations anU dialogues in concert halls. Minnie Maddern Fiske's tour began Nov. 23. Shc will spend the first weeks ff her eeason in the South. "Odd Mrs. Pond" is the title of a new play which Neil Burgess will appear in this season. Alice E. Ivés is the au ttor. Bernard Shaw, the English critic nd play-writer, has lately completa a play that bears the tltle, "You Nevé Can Tell." Fanny Davenport Ís to appear thi seaeon Ín "La Tosca," "Cleopatra," "Gismonda," and, in Boston only, ii "Fedora." Nathaniel Hartwig, who for the pagt tw aeasons has been with Marie Waan wright, is to be Olga Netheraole's lead Ing man this season. It Is reported that Modjeska coa templates organizing an "all-star" company for the purpose of producing Shakespeare comedy. "The Wishing Cup" Is the title of a play lately flnished by Elwyn Barron ad Wilson Barrett. OharleB Hawtry ii te produce it in London. Augustus Thomas is at work rea, ranging Boucicault's "Th Jjong Strike." Charles Frohman wlll bring it ut ome time this winter. Fanny Davenport expreesed tih opinión recentiy that "Sarah Bernhardt il toe good an actreas to write a play." The latter has recentiy completed a pJy. Louíb N. Parker has lately completed a play dealing with the Pilgrii Fathers, which will be brought out by the Lyceum Theater company, New Ttrk City. Mrs. James Brown Potter has secured. a play, which she will present in thi country, ealled, "Joseph of Canaan." Mrs. Potter is to play the part of Poti Blhar's wife.


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