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Figs And Thistles

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The sin oí a moment may blight th whole liíe. God never made anything too small tor his use. To glve and grudge. is ao thfc nt to give at all. The prompting motive of all cheerful glving must be lore. Whoever w.ill obey Gd, will be sure tm find his way to him. Where there is no self-culture, thera is no knowledg of true Ufe. If a man has no friends, it generally meana that he deserves none. To close our hearts againgt a brother, 1 to shut heaven against ourselves. No trial can come to the Christiaa tht may not teil him mre of God. Sme preachers forget that sheep d nt stand on their hind legs to eat. Tile man who takes the Bible for his guide, cannot live an aimless life. Showing our best side to othws, will cause them to show their best side to na. We are sux to 'be bound in th devil's ropes, 1Í w fail tO break hia threads. The devil can meet elequence without trouble, but he has never been able to stand before love. The man who spends his life in trying to make this world lik heaven, dos godlik wrk. A right state of heart cannot b maintained, without keeping a clos watch on the tongue. Bread from God's tabj on be counted on in super-abunance hy those wb faithfully do his work. Many a churdh member makes too much noise ia his politics, and keepi too still in kl religión. Hoardlng up money in miserly way, can never bo done without making a beggar oí the man who does it. Freedom from want is not for the strongest lion, but it may be enjoyed by the weakest of tfce Lord's sheep. Don't spend a minute in trying to count tihe hypocrits in the ehurch. Better_ try to count the mtrcies of God.


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