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Immunity Of Beeches From Lightning

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Writing In Himmel und Erde, Dr. Cari Muller makes the 4nteresting ■tatement that In Germany during the perlod oí eleven years, locluded btween 1879 and 1890, same flfty-slx I aks, twenty flrs, and three or four plnes were struck by lightning, but no beechea, and this notwithstanding the fact that 70 per cent oí the foreit ♦rees of Germany are beeches, 11 per ent oaks, 13 per cent pines, and 6 per ! ent flrs, or, in other words, there ar aearly seven times ae many beeches as aks. Muller seems to thlnk, therefore, that the beech shows immunlty fro lightning effects, and remarks further, that trees standing in wet ground are mqre Hable to be struck than thoso In dry, that euch as have dead limbs are more Hable than those without, and ! that trees rich In fatty matter and resin are more likely to be struck than those which are not.


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