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Dr. Dawson Tucker has discovered that the Eoentgen rays exist in nature, namely, in the ordinary glow worm, -whose light penetrates thin 6heets of aluminum and other substances. Aiter carelul inquiry, it is said that the English professional man heads the list as the taKest of adult males, reaching an average height of five feet nine inches, and a fraction over. The next tallest men are Americans, only a tiny -f ractioa lesa tall than their English biothers. The majority of the European nations average five feet six inches for the adult male, but the Portuguese, Austriains and Spaniards are a little short of this. It is well lvnovn that left handedness has often been observed in animáis. According to Vierordt, parrots eeize objects -with the leít paw by preference, or exclusive)}-. The lion strikes with the left paw, and Livingxtone stated as his opinión that all animáis are left handed. Prof. Jordán has recently verified the statement with regard to parrots. He found that tliis bird malees a readier use of the left claw for climbing than the right. In the Colorado desert Üiey have rain storms during which, not a single drop of water touches the earth. The rain can be secn falling from the clouds high above the desert, but wheu the water reaches the strata of hot, dry air beneath the clouds it is entirely absorbed before falling half the distance to the ground. It is a singular sigla to' witness a heavy downpour of rain, not a drop of which touches the RTouml. These strange rainstorms i ur in regions where the shade i ature often ranges as high as 128 de-; : F. A couple of teeth, found near Wei-' mar, aro olaimed by Dr. A. Nehring 10 be th oldpst human teeth yet found i ; rope. One of them, a permanent molar, is remarkably Hke that of impanzee, but not much like that of the gorilla or orang. He also calis iition to the fact that the first remolar and last molar are reduced in t-ize in modern man as compaxed with eaiiy man. This was known betore; but he adds that he finds tlie same state of things in domesticated as 1 1 ipared with wild dogs. In the formi t, as in civilized man, the jaw Ís relatively íeebly developed, and there ia a iradency to reduction of the last molar.


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