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Judge And Senator

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; rige WMMn Gtes His Powerful IndorsoniBül tu Ur. Oreene'sNervura. The Eminent Judge, Senator and Director of Barre N ational Bank, Says He Has Used Dr. Greene's Nervura in His Family With Grcat Benefit. The wofld wants to be convinced. What people want is proof that a mediciné will cure; then they will use it g-ladly. Someone you believe in, a prominent person who you know will teil the exact trutli and wlio lias seen the wondei fu: eütct and observed the remarkable cures wrought by the remedy he i rceommends, is what yon want, and when BUCh testimony is given, yon v.ill lot hesitate an instant to follow his adFiee, olitain the reincdy and thns be speedily nured. When therefore the Hon. Judge Willard S. Martin, of Plainfleld, Vt., Associate Judge f the ('ounty ('ourt, Senator from Washington C'ounty, and Pirector of the Karre National Bank, n man honored and csteemed throughout the entirc state, tells yoa to use Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedj', and backs up his advice by telling you tnat he has repeatedly usm1 it in his own f amily with the greatest benefit and that he has knmvii ofits having en red many people in his loeality and elsewhere, yon can eertainly have the utmost confidence in the wonderful curative powers "f this grand medicine and teke it yourself if yon are sick, ailing or out of order, with absolute assm-ance of beneficial results. Eead His Honor's, the Judge's own words in which he advises you to try Dr. Groene's Nervura and be convinced that this wonderful cnrer of diseases is jnst what your case requires: "Ihave used Dr. Greene's Xervura and blood nerve in my family vid have foiniíl good tesults froin its use. Especially in cases of sleeplessness and nervousness has it becn of benefit to Mimo of my íamily. " 1 nave heard of many from this loeulity v. ho hare derived benefit from its use. My son was in a large school when a fire started ;ind n t or.c time threatened to be disastrous, which oxeited liim and unsettledhis nerves, frnd on visiting home, he used Dr. Qreéne'e Ñervnra ilood and nerve remedy with quite satisfactory resulte. " Wc are glad of this opportunity te recommend Dr. Greene's Nervnra foí others" uso. and give permLssion to publish this letter foi' the good of others." No x rea ter prooi' thai ;i medicine will curo yon can possiblj be given thau these words of an honored .ludge and disting-nisbed Senator. Take Dr. Greene's Nervura and fee) againwhat it is to be well - lo fee] powerfnl and vigorous. tohave strong, steady nerves, tii sleep soundly and wake mornings refreshed and energetic. Xo matter howbadlyyou may feel, Dr. Greene's Nerviira will go to the root of yonr disease and eur your troubles. Dr.Greene's '- blood and nerve remedy should not be classed with ordinary patent medicines; it -isaphysieian's prescription, ond rsed and recommendedby the mosi eminent doctors ofourland. Itsdiseoverer, Dr. Greene, of 35 West 14th 8t., New York City, is the most suceessful specialist in curing nervous and chronie diseases, and can be eonsulted in all tases free of charge, personally or by letter. " JUDGF. WHXAED f. MABT1S.


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