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m M g. ■ M ■ s ■' lli; TIME TO BUY NflW Christmas Presents IW WW Useful and Ornamental. A #3.50 Dress Pattern for - $.88 A 7. 00 Dress Pattern for - 4.83 A 4. 13 Dress Pattern for - - 2.69 A 9.00 Dress Pattern for - 5,50 a i i-c tv v 4.4. t o in A 10. 50 Dress Pattern for - - R 7fl A 4. ?5 Dress Pattern tor 3.1 u „ " r A 12.00 and 15.00 Dress Pattern for 8 00 A 5. 00 Dress Pattern for - 3.25 , - QQn rnp Vq, A 5.95 Dress Pattern for - 3.89 A Handsome Plaid, " aiilT 75C a yí Wash Goods Fancy Linens Choicaof all dark Dress Prints at 6oyd ao per cent. Off Regular Prlce 31 inch new Lousiane and La Rene Percales 10c yd Hand Lmbroidered Spachtel Center Pioces. 50 pieeea ( irain Shaker Flannel, 8c quality. e yd Spachtal Sideboard Soarfs. 15 nieces sraall chockod Dimity, 30 inch wide 8o yd Spachtel Doilies and Tray tlloths. [Renaissance Laco Scans and Centers. Coatings Table Linens 15 pieoes 54-ineh Novelty (loakinirs to close $1.75 yd Tabla Damask9 witli Xapkin to match, best Cholee oí ftll our imported Novelties yd goods $5 to $15 set Bric=a-Brac Perfume Sale Handkerchiefs Thousands to select f rom. Dresden Clocks, $1.25. PAncaprt'o Pytrarfs ''ottlcs, 10c. I Bisque VaseS and Figures, 25c up. : ÏOmU S mUm boules. Söc! gre Llneri at 5e, VZic, 10c, 25,. Venetian and Bohemian Jewel Cases. p h ETtPn„tc loz. bottles, 10j. Scálloped and Embroidered, 12c, ( andclabra in Brass and China. mtUdU fiAUdll! l-oz. lwttles, 35c. 19c, c aiid 50c each. Picture Frames, 25o up. Wn'a Silk [nitials, 25.-, 50c, 75c ea. sterling Novci tic-s of aii kinds. Woodwortli's Extracts, 3oc oz. Queen Anne Handkerchiefs, 26c Each. 155-157 Wöüdward Ave., - - Detroit, Mich


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