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Chest Pains And Rheumatism

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FOLLOWING DYSPEPSIA. Two Patients from Different States teil their Hls to the Papers. Prnm the Industrial .v. -. fackton, Mich. The readers of ih Jackson Indtiftrial have often expressed their jratefulnessand satisfaction vithits couree n keepte ihem posted on 11 Important Inventíona and discoveries, aml it has always been oar aini to particularly notesncb facU is thedetrclopmenl of scienee, which maybe l' liciieHt to the ever growing circle of imiuMñai Neir readers. We vren lately nfornied l bim of uur friends tbat Mr. .1 b Paskle, rraidingat 118 Union Street, Jacknon, Mich., who has liv.'.l in iliia city for over twemysix years, and s imw 60 yenrs old, bad a marvolloiis i icape from cl'ath or at leas) :i long, liugering siekness by reading nne of the descriptions of wonderful riires noeomplishedthroughtlie useof Dr. Williams' Pink I'ilN i'..r l':le People. Tiic rt practical oquaiutanee Mr. l';!-klp had v.iih the Pink Pilis was i" years ago when !■ Buffered a i levere attack of rheumatism, and after irylag other remedie and hisfemily pliygician's presoriptions witbont avail he tried Pink l'ills and before quite uring i"" boxea was entirely relicved. About 'Lilii monthfi ago Mr. Puskle raugfat ; c.l.l :mil hia rhenmaium retumed, luit macli , severer and aocompanied by indigestión and I intens pain in the stomach. riis fuitliful lïifceallcd in the fainily phydcian, wlio nouneed ita case of la trrippe oombined with : Biomacli troublc and eaid on account of Mr. : Paskle's ad vaneed age he conld not curehim, allhecould do would lic 10 ive liim 1 thing i" relieve liis pain. Mr. Paskle was isiicil and tried severa] other remedie I recommended hm he pot norelief. Ofconroe, lic had lieen eured "t rlieumatism about -i year-and-a-lmlf preyionsly by the nse "f link Pilis, bul ihis, was the la urippr and ! Ktoruacli trouble eombined wiih Ms former ilisease he tlionght ii reqnired different remeiiies i" cure liim. The pain Mr. Paskle was snffering was sometlnn onlv a person having been amicted with combination of painful diseases ean iinafine. li' lecauie so sensitive th&t he cl scream if anyone wooW even touch bis lied. At last, alter snffering for months and tryin' nearly all otlipr remedies recomraended ti him. he made np his mind to ai lunst cute his rheumatiftni and he beeon lakinL' l'ink Pilis again. ACht the nse of two boxes hf fotmd to his crrt'iu j'. tliat li" va- nrt nnly relieved of liis rhennutisn), bnt the L'rip[e and the stomach trouble bad also cntirely disappeared. Mr. Paskle ia now onjoying perfeci healtb and ean eat any food, even sour picklex, wliich js m( of liis fhvorite rclisjies, and the uc of even tlio smallesl imrt ni' one Tould heretofore canse hini trouble. Thia wondorfiil recOTery at li ís ; advan I age, after his physician had giren him up che name of the physician can be obtained y applying t" Slr. Pask]cf) and after tryiig all other remedirá eonvinced him that the nealing properties in !'ink Pill. art' far greatcr ilnn oyr elaimed for them and he tbought it lii iluty i relate his experience throngh this paper for the lenetit of siinVrinu mankind. Frutu Hit star. l'nljxt ';?, Inii. The attontion of The Star haring hepn called to severa! case cf radica] curen pffreted by Dr. Williami' Pink Pi!N for Pate Peoplf, it was vleterminod tö investígate some of ihí more notable of thse caset, with a view io disseminatin ; exact inforniation on the subject nul benefiting otluTs who were suffering. PromineBt amona tliose who liad experienced benefits l'rom the use of this remedy was rnentíoned Mrs. Mary Koren, il'.' of Jobn Ñoren, a prosperous farmer, living north-east of Valparaíso, Ind., and to lier a reporter was accordingly digpatcned. Mis. Noren was found busily engaged in tiousehold dutiee, bul she ftrand time to detail her experience, and :is illing and evn iinxions thal the benefits she liad tolt blimild be told for the benefit of tliose who liad uffered ;; ghe hal. " I had lirón ill sinoi' niy girlhood witli rampUeation of complaints," saM Mrs. ! Non-u, " ncV' r so much :i to be confihed ! long in 1 ■ l , bul I Bufl'ered intense misery. ly cliii'l' trovble was wiili iny stonüu-li. 1 feil a constant gnawing pain ihat a m linies almost distracting, and which hnd Uien diagnosed by different physicians as a and synijiatlietii1 derangement dependeni j on the condition of the generative organs. 1 had pain in the back, aometimes so great ai to make nio unable to work, and frequent liilions attaeks. I also Buffereo greaily from eonstipation, from vhioli I nevcr could iind permanent reliii'. Then these symptom were aggravated by rheumatic painï between the shoulder, which were most exeruf iating in damp or coid weather. After my tnarriage about five years ugo, and when my baby was boni tlie tronble eeemed to iacresse, and I wns freqnentlj sosiekthat I poule 1 uot do my bousHiold work. I I ied different physicianN and used numerous remedies ut all in vain. uittil one tl ;- last lal] I bappened i., i. ;i.l oí fír. WiHinmí,' Pink Pilis for 1 le People. My hi-i;uil uní i!:-t lioxes iVom lr. c. D. Kusliton, the druggist, and I bemin t nec theni. Froui íiit I bogan V ir -I relief, aiul hefore Ihe three boxes rer (jone J v.a nearlj i ■:'. TU constipation :t ouc'il and i! ;■ troubles were so much rclievi-d that 1 li-h bcittr tlian I lid fet for yoaE. As I coutiiiued n tjbc ïic of i iil! ■ I piwj lionger, my appetite n i ' my nesli inrrrased, muil I am in tmooinlitinn von ie ii'1 now." Bfrongpr te.stimonia] i" liio nicrits of Dr. Wniiainí Pink l'ill could no( be jiníon-ed thnii (he ki'ví.ii oí' M i '. Niirrn. Our reporte :i coi ii ! ■ ínnñli' Ix utj . and to his pyes Mrs. ííori'ii, i i .:■■!■ iioariy twentTeven, appearwl nsj mil roll ís a rarl in lier ircn. T!:.' baby, wlio i'lnng buslifolly to her akírts, was a fiit, chubby boy of ií .■'■ years, aml ;i healfhicr specimen rtf ehildhood i-oiiM imi be fiínii.l nn vtlc! i . Tin inotiier and rlñhl une biuli pietnreK of ln-:iltli. Mrí. Ninfi! tfMik i'ci-:'so]i tu í'urther pr;is ihi' remeda whieii liad urnui;lu so mueb eood in her : u i'pre lúr lonstipatin. She (teclarfd ii i" lie the w i dy slie liad ever useU tbal oonipletely radfcnted liiat complaint. ííoili Mr. lúód Noren are Diembers of the l'ir- M. !".. Church of Valparaíso, mil Mr. Koreii'fl Rtnteniei ;■ vvill cwtv wreight with them mil lio particul&rly r&lu&blc to members of tlús denomination, ín hicli sht is o ucll known liere. Dr. Wüliams' Tink Pilis contáis in a condepsed Ci.nn, uil ih elementa i. cery toi.'iv no lifcttnd riehnesü to the bloed :uui resort Khattfred nerve. They ;irc ao unfailing peifio t'-r n -h disoiiscB locomotor ataxst, parrinl ptralyss, si. Vitrts' dance, EciaticA, neuralgia, rlniíiiiri'ihi. uerA'Ous lu'adaeho, thé I it'st ■ i-Hi'c'tof l-i l:i! pin-, palpitaron of the heart. pftle and sallocr (oniplexioBS, flll rit weaktipw t-ii ii ■■■ in malear fi male. Pink 1'ilU aro wiiil hy :ill deulers, or II lie spnt pojt l'ii'l "ii reci'ipt of price. 50 cents a l. or -i Ihixp !■ .'."" they are never sul' in i" ■ ly lie I0O), bj nddressing Dr. William' Medicine Oofnpany, Sel nectady, N.if.


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