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Fish Are Insensible To Pain

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Fishes iUBtain seriour injuries from actual wouni3 without showing any Indlcation of pain. In fact, the indlcations tcnd to show tliat they do not uffer. A fish that has been hooked %y an angler, but has escaped, perhaps arrying off a hook in its mouth, may a few minutes afterwsrd bite again at nother hook. Such instances are not infrequent. In such casea the hook would pro'uably be concealed by the kait and the il3h would not be llkely to ïee it, but the fact that it ia ready to take the bait shows that it ís continuing to fed, which it would scarcely be likely to do if it were suffering great pain. A sharlc from whose body all {he viscera had been removed has continued to feed. Timid as fishes are in some respecta, ♦hey flght one another vigorouely. In uch flghts they may receive injuries that mlght be dccribed as terrible. To these injuries they may pay so little attention that after the fight is over they go on with their feeding or with ■tvhatever occupation they had been engaged in. Injuries whieh would throw a human teing into a state of helplessness do ot interrupt the current of flsh life. The fish may afterward die from its Injuries, bilt apparently it does not eufir pain from taem.


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