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Makes A Confession

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San Francisco, Dec. 10. - A morning iblishes the following: "George Alien, one of Üie men who Qed Tom Sharkey for his fight witli Bob Filzsimmons, has made a cdnfession to tho effeot that Fitzsimmons was deprlved of his vlctory through a consplracy. The trainer and the Sharmanagement have quarreled over money matters, it is said, and in the i heat of the moment Allen made the above statement. "It is claimed that Allen, in an affii davit, named Wyatt, Earp, Dan .1. Lynch, Tom Sharkey, and Dan Needham as the prime movers in the plot. It was arranged that Sharkey w malte it appear tha( he had beeii fouled ome point in the con tes I whep he was in danger of losing from Fitsssimmons' blows; furtaer that the nignal was to lio givon by Sharkey, who to bend over and place hls hand on his groin, and at that moment Needham was to junip into the ring and claim a foul. Tihen the refere ■ i giv a decisión in favor of Sharkey." This is exactly what happened.


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