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Practica ppilcatlon or a Proverb Whether on business or pleasure bent or sport claims you asoné of its votarles the New Yor!í Central afïords all, and more than all, the best. In road-bed, in safet}7 of mcchanical contrivances, in -he eleganee and comfort of its coaches, n the creature comforts of its dining nd sleeping car3, it is unsurpassed and nsurpassablo. lts management is ïodest in claiming that "'the rumble o( tie Empire State Express is heard ound the world." Thev might, with ustification havo claimed that its )raises aro so heard. A journey in lis, tho fastest regular train in the orld, is uiarked as & red-lettor day in ie memory of the oldest tra veler ; and u niany a book of reminiscences the 'ew York Centpal has reoeived the ecognition that is its due. No travelr be he nativo born or foreign, who las has passed over this greatest of ! American railroads'but who is williüg to give it unstinted meed of praise; indoed, few wait for inspiration to do so. "Safe bind, saie lind," is a proverb that, in railroad matters, its manHgement has sludied well and applied practically. The public records attest it. - Outing' 40 Ask tho Probate J uilgo to send jour Probate Priming to the JUeslsiar Office, 30 K. llurou St. Au Ohi gk-1 marrisd tke wrong niaa by mistake, but the matei i3 just vt likely to be happy as if the couple had urted for ten years. Plour threvwn upon burning paraffla mili iiistautly extinguish it. Few people know that all p!ants coutain digestivo principies. They eantiot absorh tlieir food until it is.digested any more tban animáis can. The Muunt Lebanon Shakers havo learned the art of extracting and utilizing these ! festivo principies, gnd it is for thia reason that thèir Shaker Digestivo Cordial is meeting with sueh phénoinenal success in the troatment of dys]epsia. The Shaker Diestive Cordial r.ot only eontains foodalready digested, bnt it also oontains digestivc principies b aid the liigcst-ion oí other foods that may be eaten with it. A Bingle 10 cent sample bottlo vvill bo sufflcient to demónstrate lts vaiue, and wc suifgest that every sufferfbg dyffpeptio inake a trial of it. Any druggist c;;n supply it. Laxol is the best medicine for children. Doctors recommend it in , oí Castor Oil. Jto juu want any kind of print! done Y Tben go to tbo BeKiter Oflice, ■iit K. If uron !M.


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