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The Ann Arbor Savings Bank

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Orgaulzed 1869, under the Aeneral Banktug Uiv o! (il State. CAPITAL, $50,000. SURPLUS, $150,000. TOTAL ASSETS, $1,000,000 BitswJemMen, Ouardians, Trustees, Lndies andiotlnr pe rstmsuill fmd thit Bavl Safe and Convenient Placetomake Deposita and do Business. Interest is aïïowed at the rate of k l'JSH CJSNT. on aU Savings Deposite of 91.00 and upwards, according to the rulesof the bc, ik, and interest compounded a mi-annuatty. Money to Loan in Sums of $35 to $5,000. Socured by untr.oumbered real estáte aud otlier good securities. 91BEC7ORS: Chmstim Made, W. D. Harrimcm, WUUarn Deubel, David liinsey, Daniel Hiscock, W. B. SmUh and L. OFFICEliS: ChrUstïan Mack, President; W. D. Harriman, Vice-Premdent; CIws E. Hivcvck, Cashitr; M. J. Frite, Assistant Cashier. Report of the Condition of the Ann Arbor Savings Bank. At Ann Arbor, Michigan, at the close of business,. May 7th.'18tS. RESOURCES LIABILITIE3 Loauf and Discounts ? 401 144 48 Capital Stock paid in $30,000 00 iU-!k, Liouds. Mortgages, Surplus fund 150.0U0 00 49Ü.104 54 Undivided profitslphs CtnOverdiafta 1,193 00 tvit expeosi. Interest Ba UiiiK house 20,500 dO and Taxes paid 12,4i'i 04 Furnilure, dnd Fiitures 8,417.82 Dividends unpaid 4100 Other Real Eststo lti 271 12 DEPOSIT3. ('vnOommercia ject to check í 188,012 91 Sarlng deposlts 725,743 84 _ , , Savlng certlflcates of deDue froai ban ks in reserve poslts 112,408 59 'iug ,::; tm.085 73 Due to banks aod buukDie frem other banks .ná ers (i,:48 07-1,0815,913 41 I ankert Tii" 7 C! and cash Items.. V."7 Oü N'ickles and pennies ;: X T ,„, .. ,,,. . Slvercoin... 1300 uO T' t8' HMt,TI6 H UOliCaud"Naiónai'Bauk 33ü0 State of Michigín, Couxty of Washtenaw, ss not s '...'... 40,905 00-!l(i,2i: Lis. K. Hi3COCK,Cashlerof theabove namei Bank. j swear tbat the above nate1 s truc, to the best o." my knowledge and Hei. . E, BlSCOCK.Cashle . Correct- Attest: Cmuistias Hack, W. I). Hakiiaí, L. Gulnek, Uirectore. Surscrifie, and svo- e.fnrt ,„e (, st (;ay 0 f f)eCmnb(r 1S9S M1VHAEL J. FBI TZ, Xotary I'ulUie


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