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present thcopcra, Rob Roy, here on the lSth. '___ A baby boy was reoently bom to Mr. and Mru. V. if. Walker," formerly ol this placo. The numerous improvements 11 the j Cook House will mako that hostelry ono of the most piensan t :ind attraetive in I liii.s pari of Michigan. . '. 'I'. 1'. Iiiis decmed lt ad visablc to ah naga thoir two regular 1 ings in the inonth of December frotn ' the 10th and 24th to the 17L,h and Sist, Thursday Dec. JTthat 3p. m. the Union will tneetat the V. W. (.'. A. rooms over the post-oftice. All arecordially invited. Mrs. .1. M. Smoots, wife of Profesa r Smoots, of the University, (jeu ui her home on Porest ave. at half past four o'elock last Sunuay morning'. Mrs. Smoots had sufl'orcil a lon time from consumptiou from whichshe died. Tbc remains wero taken to Detroit for burial. Mrs. Smoots leaves a largo circle of friends to mourn her loss. Several complaints have been made within the past few days that the transient traders' ordinanee was not beinuf enforced. Complaint was espccially made that Detroit tailors were coming to Aan Arbor and soliciting orders. Alsothat dealers from neiyrhboring vülagcs were coming here and péddling meat about the city. Otír own mepchantspay high taxes and rents in order to do business here and should be protected from tliose who pay neither. ïhe following are the nowly elected om'cers of the local Catholio Mntal Benefit assoeiation : ehancellor, Thos. Haven ; president, M. .1. Cvahaugh: lst vice-prèsident. N. Camp; 2nd viee-president, Hen O'Neil : recording secretary, Goorde H. Fisher: assistant secretary, Wm. H. Mclntyre, jr.: finaneial secretary, i!. St. .lames: troasurer, James Boyle: marshal, George Cropsey: ffuard M. AVilliams: trustees, Will Conlon, Frank Camp, Wm. McDonald: representativo to Grand Council, George H. Fisher : altérnate, M. J. O'Brien.


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