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Havana, Dea 4. - The government will establish a compulsory conscription to the militia of those between 19 and 45 years oí age. The provisión is to apply only to Spanish residents and natives. About 30,000 Spanten residents of Havana, it la reponed, have volunteered. Lieut.-Col. Luis Lago made an extensive reconnoisance about La Majague, Loma Vicente, Cayo, Benito and Cayo Ricao and dispersed the insurgente in that región. The Asturias batallion made a similar reconnoisance from Guásimas to Gabalo. He encountered numerous bands of insurgents and inflicted upon them a loss of thirty killed. Their encampment was destroyed, as well as many dwellings. Gen. Ruise reconnoitered the country for nine miles between El Chivo and Sabana. The insurgents had notice of the coming of the troops and abandoned their dwellings. The column burned about 300 country dwellings and destroyed crops. Sergt. Morto and Corporal Roderiguez of the artillery have twn decorated with a cross and peasioned by Gen. Weyler for saving their company from destruction by the explosión of an enormous dynamite bomb which had been placed in the road. Gen. Welquizo reconnoitered Guacamaya, where Gen. Weyler had established a camp and at Galofre fourteen insurgents were killed. The Wadras and Asturias batallioas extended their operations to San Luis, killing thirty insurgents and dispersing their bands.


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