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Pive new Methodist churches are being erected in the Mankato district, Minnesota. Dedications occurred at Albert Lea, Sept. 13, and at Alden, Bept. 20. Bishop Gaines, at the Afric&n Methodist conference in Richmond, Va., erved notice that he would ordain no man to the ministry who drank whisky, chewed tobáceo or smoked. Covenant church, Chicago, a branch of tho First church, is to build a twoBtcry brick and stone $80,000 edifio with an audience room for 850, lecture room for 250 and Sunday school room for 1,000. Thirteen missionaries have sailed for Manchuria, sent by the United Preabyterian church of Scotland, whisl ha a very promising mission flld tkre. The work was interrupted by tke late war between China and Japan, and on young missionary feil a martyr to Chines bigotry, but it is being resumed under most hopeful condltions. The fifty-seventh annual session of the Rock river conference of the Methodist Episcopal church at Freeport, 111., was, as usual, a notable g&thering f devout. godly men. The opening sacramental servY.e was led by Bishop Andrews. O of tiie special features of the ser-ion is the course of lecturas delivere'.1 by Profaesor Grahara Taylor and Reverend A. C. Hirst, of Chicago. At the celbration of the twenty-second anniversary of the Chautauqua assembly -eoently, Dr. J. M. Buckley said: "I honor Chautauqua. I consider it the greatest promoter oí religión that can he íound in this country. I was glad when permission waa given to the Roman Catholics to hold their service here. It is the greatest promoter of ectional unity. Did you see that large number that arose from the south? Some of the best friends I have are in the south, and I was introUuced to them here n these grounda."


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