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J ► is invaluable for Cyclisl ■-, ! 3 Ball-Players and Athletes. : : ?t cures quickly Sprains, ! i t Soreness, Stiffness, ! ! t ness and Dislocations. 1 ' I Salvation Oil, : (he great Pain Annihüator ', '. Ikills all pain. Price25cts. ',' Sola by all dealers. In sist L on getting Salvation Oil. % " :f 'S PÍ.UGS. The ' Tobacco int!i , t.. ■::!,;,.::.: . . CD.,Baito.r.d. o ivft rialil In Btyle you . (-1 Priat(ng to thp Uegister Hflcp, 8O í . Hurón ni. LANDAND LIVING Home-Seekeis' exclusión tickets via tho Qunen Crescent Route to all polnts south of Somerset, Ky., in Ker.tucky, Tennessee, Alabnma, Mississippi. North and South Carolina; allpoints en Q. & C. Route in Louisiana and to certain points in Georgia and Florida at about one fare the round trip from Cir.clunatl, oa the flrst and third Tueadays each month. fctopovers allowed on froinir trip, In homeseekers' territory. One-way settlers' tickets to 3outhern points on same dates at half the usual rates. Land $3.00 to $5.00 an acre. Good schools and cnurches. Write for maps and books to W. C. Rinearion. Gen'lPass'r A(rt.,Cincinnati. O QUEEN & CRESCENT ROUTE (JHRISTIAN JJCHLEHKE .._ 5TOtfES AND m Bestíotl?e O UOFJCD ' VER ONE 5T0VES HARDWARE io West Liberty Street tí ES -- . -.--SSlSíiij .THE NERVfi SYSTEM ; ■ ■ mi ftrocMreln ftla riic -. p retí irctlic 'i e. vi snuddlsease 11:1 )stlta most powerfoi mi pernickms ally. nd Ntrve Ro nd_v i.t ■BE."' ftad per ni a neni 1 y raw -áf' l'uros torturing j a i 1 1 .-■ A' JfirsHF lm ín tlie head, or T MiHt' sent yonr reniedy to me I was hJrt"d31 SSteirpU0arfn Of ?ea " hM" fl naíy SffntriV tQ? Spe"b Wh?n X 'irst eommencert ObntinH?an "nProv'ng atonde, havo ufed ■ ud mies and am now assfstingiu the pare of as.retch with Kh umtlam gol so bal Iftst faíl rlíl f i"0" oí !Olir Remody lie is all OÜBES SUABiHTS:ï. Desi f„ circniír MAYON'3 SPINAL REMEDY CO., CINCINNATI OHiO T COrSÜ fi,íPTS VES. aadersnedhaTinKbcenreGtored tohailth l)y sil iple mean i, aíter suiïeiins íor sevi-ral vear3 thatt; eoddisease í( iisumpt , isauxioustomakela.own to hH Buflerers the means oí cuiö. To thoge who [t,liewlUcl:eerfuilyKnd(Lreeof charijeia rüieprescriptionu8ed,whichthèywiUflnd euro for ContnmnttoH, Aatlñna, CaUtrrh, Broncha i. n laOtliroatandlune Mal. : te. He hopen all sufferers wül tty hisreinedy .iiv.-i uabie. Tliot dusirfn - 1 epr scripHon! nav.ZttruíZi . ;, ., :.WYork. 3ri.ji' i ■ "' "■ ELSEFAILS. ET ■4 liust Cough öjrup. TastesGuod. Use N ijLi 1Q time. Sold bv rimroUta bel


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