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A Mother's Duties And Claims

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In an article deprecating the tendency of mothers of the present day to escape the care and responsibility of training their children, Bdward W. Bok, In the Ladies' Home Journal, emphasizes the distinction between a mother's duties and the claims upon her time: " When to a womai is given the sweetest delight that can come to her, motherhood, God gives with that delight a duty: the duty o a personal training of the child. Before that duty, all outside work- I care not by what religious, charitable or philanthropic word you may cali it - ahould fall. No matter what outside work a woman may be engagéd in, the best can only be a claim upon her time, and not a duty. And duties never conflict. God gives no more duties to a woman than she has the time or abüity to fulflll. The exactions of the world are not dsties; they are claims. If there is time it is well to meet them. But claims beiug man-made and duties being God-made the former must often be ignored and should be put aside ivhere the latter calis. Women should think of thls and bear it in mind a little more constantly than they do, especially in these days of organizations."


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