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j Alired, ATalne, utilizes lts tramps in making sewer repairs. Thcro are prqably more Uiievcs in Chiim tlian any other country In Uu , world. A Portland (Me.) banh elerk went on i ►.gunning trip ti;o other day, : teeded in Bhool sf a borrowed ■ The Arabic vernacular fiirnislies a íingiilar illustraíion of the popiilarity f war in tlae easi. ít has over fifty names for the sword. "How odd it is " saiil Pat. as he trudged along on foot one sultry day, "that a man never meets a cart fioing the same way as he ta!"- Household Words. A Bangor (Mc.) druggist has ;i cat in his store that every morniug regularly j sits on counter beforp u mirror and washes its face and fur ex:itly like ;, vain human being. For recovering a purse containiug $40, for which he had to dive into eigiiteen jfeet of water, Ed Tower, of Marshfioid, Ore., received $5 from the woman whfl had dropped it overboard. "While we were in the country w went to the theater. The play was 'Tlv Robbers, and it was so naturally givj Ihat when we came out my wife niisseii her bracelet!"- Pliegende Blatter. English clergynien in poor parithea have to turn their hands to all kinds of work. A Sunderland vicar who acted also as dentist for his parishioners hauled out 25,000 teeth during a long ministry. The average yearly profit of ttie British governmont from lottertes from 1793 to 1824 was over $1,700,000. On the ground of injury to public moráis, lotteries of all kinds were abolished In England in 1826. i Some poople who have been living at McPall, Mo., have taken thelr way toard California in a covered wagon, go: fag by way of Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona, a route of more than 1,600 miles. The failing eyesight froni which iueen Victoria has for some timo been luffering, is stated by Professor Pagenitecker, who bas recently been consulted, to be due merely to the effects of advancing age, and not to any organic disease. It is notorious that Chinese r.oolies, having labored for years in foreiga countries to amass an independence, will gamble the whole away during the flrst few days of their homeward voyage, and have to work their passage back ir. fthe next ship.


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