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Figs And Thistles

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Cheerful giving always makes the ! giver rlch. The Chrlstlan should be a Christlan n both walk and talk. Unless the heart first gives, what the hand bestows is not a gift. God's grace is as much beyond our needs as the air we breathe. Don't try to be au assistant bookkeeper to tlie recording angel. The revival must begin in the eud of the churoh that oontains the pulpit. In wishing for his neighbor's possessions, th covetous man loses his own. There is only here and there a man who praises God half as much as he should. It is only by giving with the hcart that any man can know what it means to be rich. When we have a keen eye for tho faults of others, we are apt to be Wind to our own. There is nothing like the word of God for changing a dark prospect into a bright one. Strength is not a blessing when it is used to take advantage of a brother's weakness.


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