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Getting Matrimonially Planted

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A large percentage of what iö ordinarily called love is about as safe i guide in the choice of a companion a a firefly would be trustworthy illumination in the intricacies of a deep forest on a dark night," writes the Rev. Charles H. Parkhurst, D. D., in the November Ladies' Home Journal. "I am well aware that it ís much easier to reason about these things in the ab Btract than it is to keep one's head eooi and one's temperatura regulatod in a Beason of severe exposure; but so mucb of the success or failure of a young man's after life depends on the way in which he gets matrimonially planted that it seems well worth while to preempt the grqutid with as much rationa] consideration as possible. If a man has accustomed to canvass the granad with some seriousness before the subceptible moment arrivés there will to more likelihoml of his being able to rlde the storm when it breaks without the loss of shic, cargo una crew."


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