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He Had The Ozone In His Pocket

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"A misunderstanding as to the meaning of a word sometimos leads to peculiar situations," said the Rev. A. L. Smith, oL Chicago, at the Arlington. "ín company with eeveral other ministers I was riding in a stage or hack, which served the purpose of a stage, en route to a camp meeting. The road wound among the mountains and the air was delightful, while the scenery was almost sublime. I was invlgorated as though by a powerful tonic and several tlmee remarked upon the ozone ín the air. After onO of these observations the driver stopped the horses and, beckoning to me slyly, climbed from the seat. Wondering what he could want I followed him and soon ! we were behind a large tree, out of ! view of the wagon. 'Parson,' said the driver, 'I couldn't bear to sec you ' fer. The osono you smelled was in my : pocket.' With these words he drew forth a large bottle of whisky which he i offered to me. It took several minutes to convince him that it was not I


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