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IIAKPF.R'S WEEKtY IN 1807 ith the end of 1896 Harper'a Weeklywill havo lived foriy jears Iq thattimc it lias participated with al tho zoal and power at its command in the great political cvcnU of thu most intcresting and Importuit perioc fn tbc history of the country, and it bas : spread before its readers the aceom]lihments of scicucc, arts, and letters for the instruction of the human mine and the amelioration of human eondiI tions and of manners. What the Weekly has been in its spirit and purposo, as these havo bceu manifested principally in its editorial pafíes, it will continue to be. lt ia lmpossible to announee with precisión all tuut the Weetcly will contain during the .yoar 1807. It were as easy to announce vvhat is about to happen in the world, what triumphs for good government are to be won, what auvanees of the peopie aro tobe made, what is to be the outeome of the contlnuous struifglo bftvveen the spirits of wnrand peaoe, what is to happen in .■■ East, what la to be theutate of Kurope twelvo montha henee, what new raar veis of scieiice aru to be red,or what ara tobo the achievements oí arts and letters, for the Weokly is to be a piclorial record of all Cartoons will continue to bo a feature. Serial Stories. A New Bngland story by Miss Mary E. WHkins, will bein in Jaouary. A talo oí a Givek uprising affainst the Turks, by Mc. E. K. Benson" theauthorof "Douo," will folanv. A sequel to "Tho Honse-Boat on tho Styx," by Mr. John Kuniirick llanas, illustrated by Mr. Newall; More Short Storiea will appear in the Weekly than il nas boen pussible to publish during 189(5. Departments: .r. W. D. Howells' 'Life and Lotters" havo beeü amonjf the most charmin f-anu-os oE periodí cal literaturc ; Mr. E. S Martin, and others will contribute observaiions on what is goingon in "Thie Uusy World:" "Amateur Sport," wiü reinain the most important dopartment oí its kind in the country. The Week]; wil! continue to nresent to its readei s thu world'a oews most intcrcstinif to Amerieaiie, tv) make important advances in both fcbe jiiurui-y md artistic features and tu i tain lor itself the leading placo in tho iilustrated journallsm of tho .vorld. Uarper'g Magazine forone yearfi.OO. l ostaee Free tó all subserlbers in the Lnited States, Caaada, aud Mexico. Addrees, HARPER& BKOTHEHS, P. O. Box 99, N. Y. City.


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