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Natural curling hair ia one of th greatest ornamenta a woman can have. It is true that invention has reached such a pitch oL perfectloa that nowadays it is impoesible to detect the real from the artificial waves, but still everyone will agree that there is a certain ainount of satisfactlon in doing ■without the irons and the curling pins, no matter if the effect may be thé same or not. Young mothers may be glad to know that a baby's hair may ften be encouraged to curl naturally if it is brushed upward or twlsted round the finger while it is wet. BrushIng downward rather encourages a child's hair to grow straight. The upward brushing is not becoming for the time, and this is no doubt the reason that so few care to persevere with the idea, but it well repaya one afterwards. Of course, it is not every head of hair that responda to the treatment, but ia many cases it has been successful. Soft soap is a very good thTng with whlch to wash the children's hair, but remember it froths a great deal, and very little will sufflce. If you use too much you will find a difflculty in rinsing it out thoroughly. In order to keep the hair bright and clean, you must pay particular attention to your brushes and combs, as well aa to th hair itself. See that they are always clean, and if possible have two


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