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Policemen in Vienna must be abl to Bwim, row a boat, and understand telegraphy. No person under slxteen years oí age is permitted to enter a theater or tavern in Heligoland. A two-headed calf whlch eats with both mouths, was lately on exhibition at Holton, Kansas. In France 4,000,000 tons of potatoes are annuolly used in the manufactura of staren and alcohol. The income of a teacher in a private school of China is very small; abou one cent a day for each pupil. Some of the Chinese think that women who vear short hair will be transformed into men in the future world. At the funeral of a popular wheelman In Lewiston, Me., the öhlef attractlon was a large bicycle made of flowers. A huge pumpkin, measoring sixtyflve laches in diameter, was grown thlï eeason by Mrs. Wm. Berry, of Bluff City, Tenn. The flesh of the foretjtiarters of th beaver has something of the flavor of beef, whilc that of the hindquarters has a flshy taste. A healthy babe shouid cry about three or four tunes a day, to give lts j' lungs needed exercise. So asserts a medical authority. Sotne of the brewers of Germany bottle beer in siphons which contain i fifteen to forty glasses. The beer continúes fresh for two days. An eating house made entirely of compressed paper has been erected in Hamburg. The dining-room is large enough to accommodate 150 persons. A couple of comlc papers in Cairo, Egypt, published rude caricatures of Quen Victoria, and the two edltors have been seotenced to eighteen months1 imprisoament. The emperor of Rusaia Is allowed a salary of f25,000 a day; Queen Victoria's amounts to ?G,300 a day; and that of the president of the United States, $16.98 a day. A man in Groton. N. T., attempted to frlghten his motaer-in-law by efitering her house öJsguised as a burglar. She grabbed a gun, and so serioualy wounded Ihün tiiat his arm had'to be amputated. There was a lively conunoGon in ths choir of a Dublin ebech, on a lecenl Sabbatb., when the organ-t)lower suddenly popped out hia head, an shouted: "Sing toi blajses; th ■ ïows is bOBtdir' v -■ - ■- -


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