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TO STK li THÍDIO8 Mí CUE AP Ql 1CK and CERTAIX Repairs China, Glassware, Meersehaum Bric-a-Brac. tipping billiard cues, to put on cloth, corn and bunion piasters, to hold a bandaec on wound or - finger, to stick a bunion piaster or thick piece of cloth overa boil 1 '„■ and 25c. Major's Rubber Cement, 2 ounce, botDtle,or in collapsible tubes, for repairinpf rubber boots and shoes, bicycle tires, oíd pieco of rubber will do" for patch, rubber garments, silk garnient8 silk umbrellas, &c 18c Major's Leather Cement, repairs boots and shoes, garmentg and umbrellas of all kinds of material except rubbers applUd gamo as on leather gooáa. J5c Major's Liquid Glu, repairs furniture, boolra qc The material we use is of the best. Don't be persuaded to takea substitute, For tale by all druggigt. A, MAJOR CEMENT CO, 461 Psari sí N.Y. City. Wanted-An Idea LSë f 5im.hlngton - 'or thelr f- prlxe offer nd list of two bundred JnTention wanted. "BIG F O UB" Solid Vestibüled Tkaixs Bnwna Cincinnati, Toledo and Detroit FASX TIME liXCKLLIiVr EQUIPJIENT. THE SCHEDULK. 9:00am9:15pm Lv. Cin'ti Ar. 6:45 am 0:00 pm 3:25 am 3:55 pm Ar. Toledo Lt 11:43 pm 11 :35 am 5:45 pm 6:15 am Ar Detroit Lv 9:40 pm 9:15 am Throuïli Coaches and W&gnei I'arlor ('ars on Day Trains. Thiough Coaches and Wagner Sleeping Cars on Night trains. As Good as our New York Line ! As Good as our Chicago Lino ! As Good as our St. Louis Lino Buy your tickets through via "Bis Four. For full Information oall on agents or address E. O. 'li oí-mi. W, l. B. martin. Pass. Trafflc.Mgr. Gen'l Pass. & Tkt. Agt JLP Gleaqei% DifBPg and fypaiïei foi ÍT n r YOU CAN ' I DEPEND UPON US IN OPeanincr nottofade G OR SHRINK. 5s)ueincr notto croc J tè? OR RUN. O-O-öOS-O-O te[ïtfqat) : Clothingl Clean ing and 1 Repair Co. 306 Wooiiward Av. Detroit. Mich. -$-- X-XerRenXOer that agarmont poorly Cleaned or Oyed It ■ garment Ruined. Ihip fci ant Kjtprtsi Co. Enclosc in vik+fi See the Point? THE INVENTION -OF THE- ipth CENTURY. A PENCIL that can be sharpened without a knife, without soiling the fingera - without trouble. The BLAISDELL PAPER PENCIL is the finest thing of the kind to be found. Ask Your Stationer tor Them. WM f .:_' PÏTTSBl'RK PI CO. Dspot.124 ia 128 Urred ? . . . ■ Poyou kjiow that 'lvs Ut.Aavi'Ja ! riroent totlic api6Ai';i-if0 if y1.. pïo(ïrtv. tor . ':!;■ a t.'ii o to it-it; t. N. uChcr' oni iM-r -!■.?. :"- Jv-.i.-w. WTben ia vrenS oill ,_.:.„.:. ...


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