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Oysters nve from ten to twelve years when they have the eiance. Ia Uiis country they tion't have the chance. A dog fancier in New Haven is the owner of a black and tan dog which weighs not an ounce more tian a pound and a half. The larg horned beetle can carry 315 times its own weight. Que lias been knoA'n to wolk away with a 2%pound weight. A hen belonging to Joseph Bishop on Licking river, near Pleasant Valley, Ky., discovered a large bird's nes! i;i the top of an apple tree, and flpv n and deposited an egg in the nesf. The eye of a cat, like that of ih horse, is provided with a false egrelid. which may be moved independently of the outer or true lid. It is often employed by a cat when obliged to face a very bright light, and is bslieved to act as ft shade.


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