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Real Estate Transfers

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Geo. B. Demosh and wife to JosephC. Demosh, Ypsilanti . . $1900 Merrit W. Blake and wife to Mary S. Cotten, Ann Arbor.. 700 Christian Hinderer and wife to Michael Hinderer, Sylvan... 2660 Theodore and Lillian A. Grather, by Sheriff, to Caroline Bennett, Ypsilanti 346 83 Chas, and Christina Doss, by Sheriff, to John and Elizabeth Kead, Augusta 3139 John Frederick Barth to Christain Barth, Sharon 1 Johanna Heeney, et al toTnos. Jr., and Angus Heeney, Salem 1 Bernard Heeney, et al to Johanna Heeney, Salem 1 John G. Staebler to Emanuel Hieber, Lodi 350 L. O. Thompson by Administrator to John O, Thompson, Dexter 15 Elsie A. Jones to Daniel E. Holcomb, York 800 Lucinda M. Yanson. by Stíeriff, to Wm. H. Weed, Salem 563 69 Jane Billings to Marvin D. Warner, Pittstteld , 3300 Auditor General to Hu Json T. Morton, Ypsilanti - Thos. and Louise J. Van Gieson to Ira L. Van Gieson, Bridgewater.. 5 Ira L. Van Gieson to Thoa. and Louise J. VanGie9on,Bridgewater 5 Carrie C. Reade to Mabel E. and Dora G. Reade, Webster 600 Mary C. Willsey to Edward Doll, Lyndon 2500 Harvey and Willie L. Rhodes, by guurdian toChas. Oarven, Saline "950 Ach8ah Davidson, by heirs, to Chas. Carvan, Saline 350 Bernard Wade to John Wade, et al, Sharon '. 200 Philip Exinjjer to Crispj Exinger..... 1 Leamon O. Thompson, by administrator to Richard W. McClain, Dexter 30 ïpsttauti Lumber Co. to Chas. W. Alban, Augusta 1U0 i "C. W. Alban, by heirs to Martha M. Alban, Augusta 1 O. E. Grinston and wife to T. K. Tuttle, Ypsilanti 300 Robert H. Morton and wife to Ypsilanti Lumber Co. ypsilanti 3000 Milton K. Steffy and wifo to - Juniu's'É, Beal, Ann Arbor... .''000 Belle Scholier to Robert li. ■ Scholier, Salem 1000 Michael Alber to Dora Barbara Alber, Saline 1