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Real Estate Transfers

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tliiam Pierce and wife to Pulph H. JHerce Lima $ 4250 Sophia Hul,ol et al to A. Kont Bale, Rccciver Ann Arbor 1000 C'larenoe J. Wardle and wife to luinice M. Lambie August.. 50 We and RebeccaCair.pbell to lliram and Anes Storms A in Arbor . -"1000 Alfrcd lvey to Anna [avey Dexter „... 2000 (íeo. I'. Glazier and wife to Daniel L. Feldkamp Bharoa 4750 John II. Wade. ct al, to !ank-l I., t'eldkamp Sharou 1.00 Sopbía Nil'k''!' ni ('has. Naokei' Salera - 1:") Montrevüie MoNeíl and wife to Kalph and Robert McNeil, Dexter 60.00 Montrevillc McNell and wife toOntberine McXeil, Dexter 5000 Thos. B. Wilson and wifp to Phoebo L Seai-s Anii Arbor 2,5(101 Mary Cortón to WiUlam and I jíyra Wbter Ypsilanti . 211.50 Job A. Mai'ëhftU ;im! wife to Mary E. Tttbbs f.ocii . 8,500 Fred E. Harvey lo Mary E. I Mqss, Vpsilanti 15.00 P. A. Minial.! aml wife. to Mary 1.. Ilinsdalo Ana Ai' , bor ." -'1,200 Gordon U". Beyoli; and wiíe bv rihoriff to ICnaico M, I.amlilo AugtiBta . ........... 1800 110 Tliui-low S. BlacUmer ind wife U Dan 'I ChII nd rifo i)i k . . ftfHJ Plioebü A. .;n i; QenwireS, Coló Ypsilanli . . 1.00 P V. Curjieatei' and wife lo Win .1. sii.t.c Ypailanti 1.500 I Henr.v F'. Glover ot al to Henry ,. r. i'cr.'nson Vpiléntf :)00 Alpheus J. and Holen M.Kelly to Andrew 11. Peterson. Soio 250 .urn Ai-bor Savings liankto.l. D. Kyan Ann Arbor 8000 Kit. H. Best and wile to ChristianF. Ënders Ypsilanti .. 50 .tulin C. and Eather A. Goodriüh to Chriatian P. Enders Ypsilanti 40 Wm. L. Loi-U by heriff to .lennle E. Choever Sylvan 508.34 Prank Sharpey and wifc to Mary Clark Dexter 50