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FRED. W. BUSsTl PKOPRICTOn OF THE LEADING HARHESS SHOP. We offer the public :t largo iissorttnent uf Hand-Made HARNESS x BLANK ETS .■k ROBES WHIPS Aih) all Othr Trapping al lowesi prlees. i Repairing Promptly, Cheaply and , Neatly Done. Trunks and Folises oí Mbáeroí( Priee. American Stock and PotiUrif Food kepi on Sol ■ FRED. W. BUSS, 19 W. Liberty SC, Aiin Arhor GEUMMOND'S DETROIT AND CLEVELAND ! Line of Steatners. 50c to Cleveland A llellglitl'ul IdooaUctat Trip Ai rot Lakc Krio. LV. DETROIT Local Time DAILY 9:00 P. M. AR. CLEVELAND 6:30 A.M. Klf-yrleN ('arrled Vree. U. G. GRUMMOND, GEmSRAL MANAGER, "Plione No. 162, Office and Doek. Fooi First Bt. DETROIT, MR 11. MICHIGAN CENTRAL EX I ItSION. Detroit Drii nc Club Races. Detroit, Michigan, .luly 13- 34 The Michigan Central willsell round trip tickets to Detroit on ocuount of these races for one fare for round trip plus one dollar admission fee to races. These tickets will be on sale J nly l.'i and will be good to return July 14. Tickets for same races will be sold July 14-17 for one and one-thitd fare for round trip good to return July 24. H. W' IIayks," (77) Agent, M. C. Dept. NpiHn... ),.IIIIIIIHIjja Tíie papers are fuli 111013 ofdeathsfrom r flik : Heart - - JJi { Snilllllílli'. ..■.iminimii) Of course the heart faíls to act when a man díe, but " Heart Failure," so called, nine ♦ ! times out of ten ís caused by Uric J Acid in the blood which the Kídfleys fail to remove, and which corrodes the heart until ít becomes unable to J perform its functions. Health Officers in many citíes very J properly ref use to accept " Heart Fail J ure," a a cause of death. It b fre} quently a sign of ignorance in the physícian, or may be gíven to cover up the real cause. J Lf C ! A Medicine wíth 20 Years of . . Success behind ít . . will remove the poisonous Uric Acid by putting the Kidneys in a healthy ■ condítion so that they will naturally elimínate it. Hear Dem Bells. Der Ringin' All De Time. f OSTERJE MAN Jf BICYCLE The Qratest Thing on Wheels. ; Onlj Automatir Ble yrle Bell. Try It uuil GreuM u sensiiliou Ask your dealor [or it or ordor fnmi JOSEPII OSTEUIfl.VV, iTIanayiiuk, Plilladelphia, Pa. i FRANK STAFFAN & SON CHELSEA, - - MICH. i i m:ui, direi tors and emPure U liivev Ice.


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