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Blood Poison. Contagious Btood Poison has been appropriately called the curse of mankind. It is the one disease that physicians cannot cure; their mercurial aud potash remedies only bottle up the poison in the system, to surely break forth in a more virulent form, resulting in a total wreek of the system. Mr. Frank B. Martin, a prominent jeweler at 926 Pensylvania Ave., Wash5 ington,D.C.,says: iieÜiÜÈ'sjfc, I was for a long fi S, time under treat Kjg;.. I ment of two of iffiíLM-' aëS e best pys'" lÊÊiy ' % cians of this city 'Jfcii;' jr, '7 for a severe case Q=s of blood poison, MPn theWwhile, notÉBwcí- MH withstanding the rf jCStTÍ - chírged'me three ''1W 'v'hundred dollars. P' jr My mouth was filled with eating sores; my tongue was almost eaten away, so that for three months I was unable to taste any solid food. Myhairwas coming out rapidly. and I was in a horrible fix. I had tried arious treatments, and was nearly dis:ouraged, wheu a friend recommended á.S.S. After T had taken four bottles, I )egan to get better, and when I had ïnished eighteen bottles, I was cured sound and wcli, my skin was without a blemish, and I have had no return of the disease. S.S.S.saved mefrom a life of misery." S.S.S. (guaranteed purely vegetable) will cure any case of blood poison. Books on thedisease and its fe b ment. mailed free by Swift W k. 5.


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