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During tlie intense heat last week, no one was seriously injured through a great many were overeóme. The daughter of John A.Cushingdied last Saturday. The funeral services were held at the Congregational church Monday 10:30 a. m., Rev. Mr. Stacy offlciating. A very oxc ellent missionary meeting was held Sund ay evening in the Congregational church. Various phraaes of the work were brought out. Miss Nettie Latson conducted the services. J. McColl, ot Tennessee, is spending the summer at his old home in this township. Mr. McColl graduateu in the L). of M. somo years ago and is now a Buccessful electrical engineer. F. O. Eggleston, of Ohio, will preach in the Congregational church next Sunday rnorning. mum CRGEK. Miss Rena Wortley is sick. Mrs. George Beteher and children, of Ypsilanti, are visiting Mrs. Betcher's inother, Mrs. Harpcr. Mrs. Ivés has rcturned from Detroit. Miss Ella Bock spent the Sabbath with her grandraother. Mrs. Harvey. Mr. James Miller and children, of Detroit, are visiting the Misses Anna and Maggie Gardner. Farmers at this place began cutting wheat Saturday. The Kpworth League of the M. E. church will give a lawn social at the residence o( Spencer Davis, Friday evening, July 2.'5rd. All are cordially ínvited to come and eat ice cream. Miss Nellie Avcry, who has been teaching near Clinton closed her school last Thursday and returned home for the summer. Mrs. Jeannette Miller, of Detroit, is spending the summer with her sister at this place. niNOHESTIilt. Lyman G. Tracy, of Kalaroazoo. visited relatives hcre last Saturday. Mr. and Mr. A. F. Ki3hpaugh, of Clinton, spent Sunday with friends in town. Miss Blanche Stark is a guest of Miss Millen at Wolf Lake. Floyd Austin and Miss Werd, of Napoleon rode to this place on their wheels Sunday and called upon friends. Mrs. Stringham and Mrs. Goodell drove to Tecumseh Monday afternoon. Miss l'ansy Sheldon, of Mount Pleasant, has been visiting Misa Cyuthia Bailey. The ladiesof the Universalist church held an ice cream social at the residence of Mrs. Clara Twist, Wednesday evening. Cari Burton, musical director of the opera ''Rob Roy," who is spending his vacation at hisfathor's in Clinton, visited his sister, Mrs. E. M. Conklin last week. Clarence Taylor, of the U. of M., visited relatives here last; week before returningto his home in Duluth, Minn., for the summer vacation. Fred Valentine, one of Manchester's oldest and most rospected cit'zens died early Monday morningf. His death was caused by severo injuries received by slipping on the sidewalk. His funeral was held Wednesday afternoon. SALINE. Peter Pickott who worked for John Fritz of this place died last Saturday morning. He retired Friday evening feeling as well as usual; in the morning was found dead. It is thought that the warm weather caused the death. Mr. Pickett camo here from Ann Arbor a'jout two months ago. He was always happy and good natured. The Y. P. S. C. E. of the Presbyterian church will picnic at Joslyn Lake tomorrow. Ollie Warner is now chief clerk for S. T. Fairbank. .Somc of the meinbors of tlio Bicycle C;lub took a run to Ann Arbor last week Wednesday night. Miss Olivo Cressy of the class of '97 ia now attending the summer session of Cleary's Business College. E. n. Cressy was in Ypsilanti last Tuesday on business. The ladies of the Presbyteriati church held an ice cream social at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Crittenden last Friday niglit. A very pleasant time was had. While Miss Gillett, wbo lives south of town was driving a colt near J. A. Kline's mili, it becaine friglitened and ran away throwing her out. Mr. Allison, who works for Peter Cook was seriously hurt by the fallïnor of a hay-fork which utruck him on the head making an ugly wound. Dr. Sheeder was summond and dressed the wound. The patiënt is doing tinely. Miss Mattie Schaffer leaves for Manchester today where she will visit friends. Mr. S. T. Fairbanks and wife visited friends in Milan last Priday. When William Havens was deoending f rom John Dell's hay loft, Saturday afternoon, one of the rounls of the ladder gave way. throwing him to the ground, injuring him quite badly. Geo. Nyer, who works for Jno. Staebler in Prcedom, was overeóme by the head and dropped dead in the hay field last Satuday afternoon A short tiine before Mr. Staebler was eating lunch in the field when Nyer seemed to be all right. After eating Mr. Staebler when to Bridgewater for repairs after which he returned to the field and found Mr. Nyer dead, hls hand still clinging to the rake that he had been using. The deceased was a young man only 22 years old, and highly respected by the community in which he lived. While Cari Sleigh was raking hay Saturday the rake in somo way ran against the horse, which began to kick thvowing hirnandcuting anugly wound in his head. Dr. Underkircher was called and dressed the wound which is healing nicely. Mart Reynolds, of Ann Arbor, came over to see the boys Monday. Mrs. Itner and danghter Nellie, from Ann Arbor, visited Mr. and Mrs. Win. Lazelere over Sunday. léev.'s Leith and Wallace attended the funeral of Rev. Davis at Detroit Wednesday. E. A. Reynolds gave Milan a cali the first of the week onroute from Detroit to the Northern part of the state. Fred Gauntlett and family left Tuesday for a week's sojourn in Detroit. Mrs.K W. Blackmcr left Tuesday for a visit with her sister, Mrs. Ford, at Fenton. Mr. Geo. Minto returned the last of the week from his Chicago trip. Mrs. S. Roys and family, of Farwell. are guests of editor A. B. Smilh and wife. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Coehaue returned from their bridal tour and are at home to their friends. Mrs. John Dexter and daughters have moved into their nevv house on Howard-st. Geo. Edwards is visiting friends in Jackson. J. H. Ford is building an extensión to his side porch. Mrs. Chas. Schmitt and family have returned to Milan after a two months' visit with relatives in Canada. Mrs. Horaer Still and children will leave for New York State Thursday for a six weeks' visit. Mr. A. Kinear and family of Adrián, are visitino: Milan relatives. Mrs. Roscoe Allen gave an elegant banquet at her home near Milan, Siturday, in honor of the Chautauqua Circie. Rev. .1. P. Hutchinson, of Ann Arbor, was present and acted as toastmaster. Mrs. Reynolds understands the art of entertaining and made the affair a groat success. Dr. S. Chapín has received his commission and attended his ürst meeting of the pension board at Ann Arbor, Wednesday.


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