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Keports from several scctlons say that with the hot weather and the lack of rain fruit prospects are vcry slim. Rospbcrries and gooscberries were baked on the vines. Green peas are dried up, and potatoes dying in the hill. Ambrose Kcating-, a poultry breeder at Adrián, lost 1,200 fovvls by some disease. They dled so rapïdly that it was with difficulty he could care for the carcasses. Similar reports come from others who raise poultry. Nicholas Spang, a traveliüg agent for the L. Wolft! Co., of Chicago, eommilteJ suicide in his room at Gie.s' hotel, Detroit, by shooting himself. He had evidently entirely undressed and stood before a mlrror to fii-e the fatal .shot. Dr. E. A. Grange has resigned the profcssorship of veterinary science at the Michigan Agricultural college, which he held for 13 years, and wlll become dean of the veterinary departmentof the Detroit College of Medicine. Prof. McEwen, of Jackson, made a balloon ascensión at Benton Ilarbor and when 500 feet in the air his balloon burst. The ropes became entangled and his parachute failed to work. He carne down on a house top and was fatally injured. Mrs. Rose Selleck, divorced wife of .Tames B. Selleck, ono of the proprietors of the Selleck grist mili at Clayton, was lodged in jaii at Adrián, charged with setting the fire that destroyed the mili aboul April 1. She says it spite work. Moses Tracy has coirmcnced suit at Ithaca for $140,000 damages against 14 people who. he allcgcs. took part ia ii tar and feathering bee in which Tracy was the guest of honor. Latei" Tracy was arrested chaifeed with taking improper liberties with children. Geo. Hill. aged 60, i wealthy farmer, three mi':s northeast of Northville, put a horse in the wrong stall and in tryiuj, to get it out klekcd it. The horse then kickcd Hill in the chest and injured him so severely as to cause his death before the next motuing. Maj. Kvans, a notorious tough from Cassopolis, recently released from, Jackson nrisoj, was arrested at Niles for drawing a -efOlveron an American Express messengcr on the Michigan Central, When searchcd, Evans pockets were found to be full of stolon goodb. At its next meeting, the state board of agriculture ;vlll appoint an inspector, as provlded for in a ncw law to prevent the spread of San José scale among fruit trees. The disease has been reported frora 20counties. The inspector wlll have the power to prosecute negllgent growers and to destroy afflicted trees. A good-sixed delegation of South American busiuess men who have been, rnakiug a tour of investipation througli th United States were well entertaiued at Detroit for Unce days, visititing the inauufactorics and places of interest, ind also took a trip to Grand Rapids to eee the great furnlture factorics. The Moutcalm couuty pooihouse near Greenville was entirely destroycd with the exceptiOD of the barns. The 51 inmates escaped uuinjured and were safely quartcred in tho barns. Manafer Wood rescued thrce women from an upper room and had scaiccly ïeacheil be ground when ihe wall.s feil. Tho oss Isabout S10.000.


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