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Michacl Iloose, ercJ 70, uf Niles, is dangcrously ill froui tlic hout. Bnsh & Rverest's basket factory urned at Gobleville; loss $S,000. Port II n ron eitizens have struck a ■as well and WlU now try for oil. Cari Kasuber, near Dticft, was fatally njuied by falling froni a load of hay. Mr.s. .T. F. Deadman, of Sault Ste. Mario, has given birth tothree healthy )Oys. Ezia Grinnell. aged 80. a well-known oneer of Eaton couuty, died from the ■ffeets of the heat. Sunstroke caused the death of Miss Amelia Wagner, of Sl-ïo township. VYashtenaw county. lieorge Funk, an aged farmer near Nllea, 11 ander his mower and was nearly cut to pieees. Herman Neifert, ageá 42, succumbed to the heat while in his pótalo patch at Flat Rock. 5 Dan Welch, agod 60, a well-to-do farmer near Flint, feil from a load of hay and broke his neck. Waker Ilewitt, aged 10, was aeoidently shot over the left eye by his 18year-old brother Robert. o Ex-City Clerk Fred J. McMurtie was arrested at Three Rivers on the charge of embezzling city funds. Milo Rieli, aged 35. of Quiney. was killed by a train while driving across the tracks near Coldwater. Irving Guilford, aged 59, of Grand Ledge, was killed by a Michigan Central train near Pineonning-. The suminer school at the U. of M. has opened in all depurtments with a total registration of about 2S0. .lolin llowe, aged IS, was drowned while swimming in the mili pond near the Wolverine mine location atCalumet. IJenton Harbor reports a dozen prostrations from heat, bnt only one was fntal - Ed Greenland being, the victiin. .lolin Fallahay, a farmer near MillDprton. set fire to his barn :tnl was 'nniK-d to death. while temporarily insa ne. .los. Kroff, aged 05, committed suicide ;it St. Josepl by jumping into the canal while erazed by the excessive leat. John Anderson, a log scaler, stepped oft' a trolley buckwards, at Manistee. lio foll añil his hands we re cut off by the wheels. C. Leroy's eight-year-old son of Etochester, was kieked in the forehead by a vioious horse and his skull erushed beyond hope of his reeovery. Wra. W. Dickersoo, the oldest employe of the Michigan Central railíoad, and íor many years a passenger conductor died at his home at Detroit. James McGinn. of Maple Rapids, has been sentenced to lpnia for six years for ultempting' to riminally assairlt tlie 11-year-old daughter of Geo. Float. The apportionment of the 8400,000 made by congreso to provide arms and cquipinent for themihtiaof the various states makes Michigaas share a little OTer $12,000. Milton liatterson, aged 19, was drowned by in Kenyon lake, Bear Sherwood. His 15-year-old companion was -so frijfhtened thathedid not cali for lielj). Hon. (leoi'g-c Vtin Ness Lolhrop, one of the most prominent lawyers of the city and state, up.d ex-l'. S. minister to Russia. died at hls home at Detroit it the age of 79 veai's. Mrs. Ony. colored, nearly 100 years of g. of íonia. mistook a etap fff dilutcjrl carbol ie acid ior drinking' watertand draak it. death resultáis withla -tive. minutes. Aoan of arêenic ua-, mistaken or bakiog powder 0y Mrs. FranklJb, cook at a l'.ondo luiuber camp, and tlie whole vrew was made very sick, but all are out of danser now. Póui' buildintfs of tlie old Batehelor mili plant, iiieltiding tlie boarding house oL the Melbourne Salt Co., six mües (loivi the river from Saoïnaw, luiere destroyed ly lire. Loss Stí.OOO. A brick areb in the boilei-room of the West Miclr'an fnrniture factorv at Holland, oollapscd snddenly. probably ftally rarashiug Henry Strosenyaans, aged 17. and FV-ank Oostinn-. married. Kobert Ganaljlo. ircd 'J, was j-un over bv an electrie car on (ienesee .avenue, Saginaw. l!oih leys were sa badly emshed that aiuputation wasneeessarj' hut he could ivt survive the opeation hasles TolJes, janitor in the higl school building at, Ludiofftoo, .suicidec bv shootiap hiiaself in the riglit tem pío. A reduction of salary from 840 t 810 a ínonth for the sitmmer nvas th cause. 1 Vi'he Hichardi & Bechtold woojenwar iactory at BeHaire was destrtfyed b; fire. Ix)ss SU). ooo, partüüly jasnrec Se vent y men are thrown out f e m ployment, biijl tlie plant will be gehuil at once. Uoy McDoiiaKl, a sailor of Port Hnron, was killed by a Grand Tr:un' train in Sarnia. Several years ago h juuapeü, f rom a ferry boat and savel vomai, recelrlng a. medal from Prs dent Cleveland. , The Anti-Salooa league at Croewe' liad sevL-n saloon ,men arrested on cliars; of íclÜBg liquor without lega bontiaraen, Ope off the signers of Ui warrants bas .sircc lost a nevv oñ'xc buildinfí by tire. J. L. Berkheiimar, -.lio a tlo: in the auditor-geoieral's office at Larisinjr, disappeared; and is badly wanted, it liaving been lejirned tliat lie cashed at least two worlhless drafts on which he raised 814."). ƒ Deputy Auditon--General AVilkinson .is out 895 and H. E. ïurncy, a groce , is 850 poorer. '. Avery & Co. 's planing mili at Saginaw was guttedfby fire which sitarted on the roof froiji an unknown eause and spread rapid,1y to tlie upper Jloor.s of the building," a tliree-story brick. A portion of the upper walls feil ut on botli sides. The lbss will reaeh $25,000, with anjlnsuranpe of SU.r.üO.


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