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The Experience Of Two School Teachers

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THE PETTY ANNOYANCES OF THE SCHOOL ROOM ARE A SEVERE TAX ON THE TEACHER'S NERVES. At First the Effects are Quickly Thrown Off but Later Come Sleepless Nights, Constant Worry and Finaily Total Collapse. WHAT'MAY BE DONE; From the Neto Era, Qreensburg, lnd. Miss Sarah Concs who lives about tlirec miles northwe6t of Aurora, Ind.,iswell aud topnlarly known. Miss (.'ones is a Khooi eacher, baring charge of a country school bout two miles from her home. She drives o and from her school each day. She is stout and robust, and in the best of lealth, as the ruddy glow on her plump heeks testifies. ! The reporter happened to meet this young ady's mother in Aurora a few days ago and earned that although her danghter is now n the best of health, last winter she was ufl'ering untold agony, from troubles arising roin exposure. Mis. Cones said : " Sarah has been teachlig for four years, beginning when in her izteenth year. She has always taught at he same school and got along well until last )eoemher, when the wcather was unusually hangeable, and she took a severe cold wliich evefoped into the "grip." She was confined to the house about two weeks, when he got out and went to her school again. he nad a rclapse, and this time was coaned to the house eeveral weeks, having to ;ive up her school. "She was troubled with rheumatisra and nervousness, aud suflered great agony, hor nerves being almost corapïetely shattered. She conld scarcely eat, and in fact could uot retain solid food on her stoniach at all. "We tried five different physicians but with little avail. "One day our druggist advised us to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pilis for Pale People as they seemed to benefit many persons about Aurora. "Sarah used one box of the pills with eatisfaetory restilts, and by the time two boxes were taken she was able to go about the house. Seven boxes were used, the last one in July. She was entirely relieved of all pains or signs of rheumatisin, aud nervousness, and bas siuce feit as well as she ever did and has tiot tnissed a day of her school this winter." Miss Sarah, who entered at this time verified all lier mother had said, as did ulso the druggists of Aurora. The drug lirms of A. J. Marshall 4 Co., J. A. Riddell & Co. and John M. Ullrich, said the medicine was a constant seller with thera, and gave universal satisfaction. " People who buy once come and buy again," they said. From the Tribune, Kokomo, Ind. Mr. John Leahy, a wcll-known schoolteaeher of Kokomo, Indiana, makes the following well written statement regarding his illness from rheumatism and a complicatión of diseases, and subsequent pure. " Three years ago, when I was 35 years old, I was attacked with rheumatism aecompanied with raarked and increasing distnrbances of the nervous systera, pams in the head, and most serious of all, symptoms of organic heart trouble soon appeared. "The cardiac inflammatinu increased as the rheumatism progressed, and it was noi a great while before t!.e heart trouble assumed the chrouic form. Mv brain was much disturbed and my physician was alarmed, f'earing meningitis, as the articular inrlammaüon diminishea while the cerelral disturbance increased. But I was spared this additional iiiflietion, I am [thankful to eav, for again tlie joints began n swell, and the pain in the hoad to subside tliough itsetlled hito a dull rheumatic headache, which do skill of the pbysieian could relieve. "Of'courw, during the eariy stages of the disease I was coufined to bed. Then I got up and tried to move around a little, and really I think I got used to the pain, more than thatthere was any iiuprovemeut m niy conditiou. " It was in the spring of 1893, when I was first afflicted, and tor lince jears the disease eontinued, during which time I was attended by the best physicians in the state, somc of whorn are eonsiilered at the head of their profesgion in the west. These gentlemen, though zealous, and splendid diagnosticians, eouliï not help me. Phey could all describe niy disease, and teil aie better how I feit thau 1 could myself, but tlieir remedies had no effect on me wbatever. I was a fearful sufferer from insomnia, and the nostruuis which I took ;to superinduce sleep were legión. In addition to other troubles, my stomach gave out altogetlier, I think probabiyfrom tho preparation of salieylic acid, with which I bad been abundantly dosed, I conld not assiinilatc food, and lost flesh until I became alraost a skeleton. My condition of nerves at this time cannot be described. ïerrors by night and terrors by day were indeed mine, and though generally utterly unreal, they werejust as tormenting as though they had the most material ezistence. " So matters continued until the spring of tbis year (March, 1896). I was still failing and becoming more of a wreek every day, wjitn a friend of mine, a druggist in Loganiiport, Indiana, recommended me to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pilis for Pale People, saying tliat they had reeently cured a customer of bis who had been similarly afflicted, and in as bad pligbt as I was. " I did not at once act on my friend's reeommendation, but after two or three days did so and bought a supply. " Now there is no exaggeration in wliat I am about to write, for it is the houest truth. I had not taken Pink Pilis two days when I began to get relief. First of all my nervousncss and thut dulJ, wicked headache showed signs of abating, then my sore and painful joints grew easier, my stomach and kidneys began to do their work once inore, my tongue became clean, all foulness disappearing, and better than all my fceart became normal in it s action. " Before I had taken four boxes of Pink Pilis I was a well and liearty man, and I now eat, drink, sleep and work as (well as anyone, and after three years of suffering snch as mine, it may be imagined that I am more than tolerably happy and contented wiiii llfé. " I have recommended Dr. Williams' Pink Pilis to niany, among others my sister, Mrs. Kllcn Patton, of Chicago, 111., who is a rheumatic sufferer, but I have not heard ad yet wliat they have done for her. (Signed) JOHN LKAHY." Wiliihis: James Leahy. Dr. Williams' Pink Pilis for Pale People are now eiven to the public as au unfailing blood builder and nerve restorer, curingall forms of weakness arising from a watery eondition of the blood or shattered nerves. The pills are sold by all dealers.or will be sent post paid on rettipt of priee, 50 cents a boxor six boxes for $2.50, (they are never sold in bulk or by the 100), by addivssing Dr. Williams' Medicine Compauy, Scheneetady, N. Y.


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