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Mayor Htscook lias approved the street pnving ordinance. Professor Montgomery aud family have gone to Tennessee for a summer outing. Tho New State Telephone Company now has its instrumenta working in Ypsilanti. Cel a Hoag began proeeodings against John Hagen, Monday, for slandcr. Shcsues for $1000. The pulp mili at Geddes has shut Oown and laid off all its men. It may not be opened again. Workmen on the sewers now labor from 0 to 11 and from 2 to 7 thus escapiüg the hottest hours. Tho Ypsilanti board of public works has discovered tliat four aldermen have been using the city water ülegally. A number of University students are attendiug the Convention of the League of College Eepublican Clubs at Detroit this week. The board of health made an inspection of the water works last Frlday and report everything clean and in the best possible condition. Professor Perry and wife are spending the summer onLesChenaux islands. They occupy the cottage built by Prof. De Pont last summer. Jackson Press: J. C. Bader, who went to Ann Arbor Wednesday and underwent an operation for cáncer in the throat, is reported as in excellent condition. On Monday night Professor Bradley M. Thompson opened the Summer School lecturc course by an able ad dress on the "Judicial System of the Jews. The Times is getting along crloriously with its bicycle path between Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor. Over $32ó has been raised and the path is now a sure thing. Roy Chester, a fourteen year old colored boy, was taken to the Reform School at Lansing last week. He has been out on suspended sentence for some time. The lirm of Lepper & Wilcox which has liad charge of the Cook House, in Ann Arbor, and the Hawkins House in Ypsilanti, has dissolved. Mr. Lepper will now manage both hotels. Joseph E. Gage began Bidt against the township of Pittsfield, Monday, for $5000 damages. Mr. Gage claims to have received a severe injury owing to the bad condition of the roads. Martin Clark reports that the mercury stood at 101 in the shade at his residence. 62 E. Washington-st., last Friday at 3 p. m. It reached the same point on Sunday July 4, at 4 p. m. One or two dogs showed signs of hydrophobia last week ane were promptly killed by the pólice. The prompt action of mayor and pólice in the matter is to be highly commended. Ypsilanti is to have an exhibition of the famous veriscope pictures of the C 'orbett and Fitzsimmons contest. The date is Thursday evening, July 15tb, and the place is the Grand Opera House. _ Hugh Brown, of this city, has been elected Superintendent of tho Pontiac schools for next year. J. A. LeRoy gives up the principalship of the same school and expects to go into journalisra. The A. A. L. I., held the first shoot of the year on Friday. Most of the men were new but good shooting was done. Fred Campbell did the best work, scoring eighteen out of a possible twenty-five. Frank Seabolt, oí Arm Arbor, a practical electrician, has entered the Menominee Electrical & Mechanical works under Mr. Fideman. Mr. Seabolt enters the works to become a master of his profession. Harry Coleman, of the Oakland Co. Pist was in town Saturday and Sunday. Brother Coleman seems to be prosperous and happy and makes his visita to Ann Arbor about once a week with remarkable regularity since vacation began. Mr. Stofflets' report of the race meet July n shows the total receipts $07.87, and the total expenditures $90.56, makinr a deficit of J22.GS. This deficit Mr. Stofllet very generously made up hiraself by donating one of the prizes, a $3.") bicycle. As the result of an okl quarrel among University doctors, ür. Campbell is out of a job. He was not turned out, but tho chair was klcked out from under his person- i. e. abolished. It is intimated by the Democrat that the head of Dr. Vaughan, the Inventor of tyrointoxication- if that 3 the word- sits nono too securely on his shoulders. Perhaps he could take a hint from Buckingham in the days of Richard III: "O, let me think on Hastings, and be gone to Rrecknock, while ray fearful head iu on."- Adrián Press. Mm. Fannie White has be-giui ault for divorce against John P. White, of this city, on tho grounds of non-support and desertion. The law department of tho summer school is increasing in attendance. Forty students are now enrollcd and a few more may enter. Edward Harris Waples, of the Waahtenaw Home Visitor, will gonorthnext Monday to spend a few days at some resort on Lake Iluron. William Wood, of Chelsea, was sunstruck last week and is still very sick in consequence. Hopes of his recovery are entertained howover. The only marriage license taken out so this week is that of Con rad M. Schanz, age 22. of Lima, and Nellie Grand, age i 8, of Chelsea. Charles Carner, a young man living near Chelsea feil dead during the hot weather last week from sun stroke The victim was lt) years old. George B. Ilarrison who was well known in this city as reporter for the Free Press and one of the leading U. of M. Daily men, is now in Topeka, Kan sas. The building occupied by F. J. Schleede's book store and bindery on State street has been torn down and a new one will be erected in the same place. The Ann Arbor Domocrat is no longer published at the Inland Press ónice but has moved to the office of the Times from which it will be issued from now on. The botanical rarden which was started as a sort of experiment last spring, is now an assured success and adds much to the comfort and beauty of the campus. Riotaro Kodama, of the Universiïy, is from Japan. lie is doing post-graduate work in económica and expects to return to Japan later to engage in newspaper work at Tokio. W. F. Dains, of Sbaftsbury, Mich., has moved to this city and opened a a restaurant and boarding house at No. 19 Broadway. Mr. Dains expects to enter the law department this fall. Patrolman Armbruster arrested two drunks Monday night and locked them up until morning. One of them talked shoot but changed his mind short'.y after the big policeman got hold of him. About forty prominent wheelmen will ride to Detroit Saturday morning to see the matched bicycle race between Cooper, Bald, and Kiser. Amongthe party will be Mr. Stofflet, Paul Myers and Earl Butler. The Ladies' Library Association will give a moonlight party with music on Mrs, Beal's lawn Friday evening July 16th. Ice cream, ices, cake and lemonade will be served. Everyone will be cordially welcomed. Secertary Wade is still here and is perhaps working as hard as any body in the city. He will rernain here all summer hard at work and will iind his duties greatly increased next year by the advent of a new deán and a new president. Professor Knowlton will deliver the second lecture of the summer school course, tonight. His subject is "The Criminal Jurisprudenee of the Hebrews." This lecture is preliminary to one on "The Trial of Jesús From a Lawyer's Standpoint. Willie Burleson, of Elizabeth atreet, the 10 year old boy who disappeared June i, has not been hcard from since. He went away his on wheel and as he had only a few cents in money his continued absence is surprising. The boy started on a similar expedition last summer but carne home atter an absence oi two days. What threatens to end in a Chinéese civil war began the other day on Ann street. Lee Hing and Wang Ching went into partnership in the laundry businsss but instead of turning over his dues to Lee like any (rood Chinaman ought to do Wang blew it all in on opium and other forms of booze. Lee Hing is naad. The Huron River sensation rather ilattened out at the end. On Saturday the Geddes dam was opened and the water feil three feet in a very short time. Patrolman Armbruster then made a thorough search but found nothing save the decayed remains of somc animal and a piece of carpet. Mr. Kranich still believes he saw a woman's body in the pond. The Detroit Tribune in its account of -the meeting of the League of College Republican clubs of America says: The Michigan boys claim their oandidate has a sure thing. They have canvassed the field thoroughly and claim a plurality of votes suftieient to win the day. A. L. Davis is a South Dakota man iu the lavr department of the University. His competitors in the race are P. P. Christianson, of Cornell; T. B. Whitney, of Williams, and W. S. Harris, the present acting sccretary Trom Prineeton. Work on Ifce University llgfbi plant was bcgun Monday. The annual meeting of sherifls and marshalls will be held at Port Huron July 27 and 28. Marshall Sweet will attend. Doctor Angelí and wife left over the Michigan Central last night for New York. On Saturday they will sail for Havre, France, and from there will go to Paris for a few days' stop. What route will then be taken from that point is uncertain but they will probably go by the Mediterranean to Con stantinople. Ko interpreter or private secretary goesalong, theonly attendant belng Mr. Ang-ell's maid. The foliowing officers wcre clected and installed in Washtcnaw Lodge, No. 9, I. O. O. F. : Xoble Grand, W. Banneld; vice grand, E. F. Winders, secretary, J. D. Vanee; permanent secretary, H. P. Danforth; treasurer, Herman Krapf; warden, W. Lau; right reporter. L. Curtis; chaplain, George Scott; iuside guardián, E. Williams; II. S., A. T. Cook; L. Q„ H. P. Sclilemmer; conductor, C. S. Elmer. An eight year old lad named McCarthy, living in Augusta, met with a bad accident Thursday, which at least will rc9ult in a stift hand for life. He had hold of the hay fork rope and was hauled up into the pulleys, being too scared to let go of the rope. All the muscles and tendons of the inside of his hand were torn out, making it very painful. Dr. Hueston is caring for the lad.- Times. The Times is autbority for stating that Father Kennedy, of Ypsilanti, isa first class fighter. Saturday night a man called the good father down and showed him a revolver and aknife with which he was going to commit suicide. Then Father Kennedy went into the man and after a fight that would llave done honor to a professional scrapper succeeded in disarming the would be suicide and turning him over to the pólice. A report has gained some currency about the University that several students are planning to establish a cooperative society in Ann Arbor next f all. The idea is to make it rather comprehensive in its organization so that any student who joins the society may order at cost anything he wants even including his board, clothing, books of all sorts, and in fact any article a student uses. Such a plan mlght work for awhile but could not do so many months. A good deal of misunderstanding exists among deer hunters regarding the new game law and for their benefit The Register publishes the f ollowing summary. No person shaïl kill deer or elk in the island of Bois Blanc, in Lake Huron, until the tenth day of November, 1899, or in the counties of Alcona, Lapeer, Huron, Sanilac, Tuscola, Macomb, Allegan, Ottawa and St. Clair, until the first day of January, 1903. No person shall kill more than five deer each year. The open deer season shall be between November 8 and Xovember 30. No one shall kill deer by means of trap, or pitfall," nor hunt ahem with dogs or artificia! light.


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