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Mi-8. Austin Blair, widow of the war governor of Michigan, died at her home. in Jackson Saturday evening. MitjAN Leader. Job Burnap died at bisresidence ia the eastern part of this village Tnesday aftenioon at 5 oclock. aged 80 years 8 months. Tlie funeral was held at the house at 8 o'cloek yesterday morning, and his remains were taken to Martinsville tor burial. Rev. F. L. Baker conducted the funeral . The Ypsilantian. It is thought that Roy Wilkinson, the boy who was injured by the powder explosión, will fully recover his eyesight. Sotne children were "playingburglar last evening, and in the realistic carryIng out of the play, the little son of Arthur Hewitt was shot, the bullet inllicting a flesh wound on the side of the hcad. Ypsilanti Sentinel. The Ypsilantian and Commercial woke up to scare heads and special information last week, the former announcing the conferring of the I,L. D. degree upon Prof. Putnam, and the latter informing its readers that the new telephone exohange was opened. Anna, wife of Clarence Harrington, died at the residence of her niother, Mrs. Shuda, Wednesday last, of conaumption, aged 24 years. Saline Observer. Another Salino boy has become the head of a f amily. It is Walter N. Isbell who was married Tuesday to Mable HildebrantJ Brown at Jackson. Tuey wiü be at home at Gaines, this state after September 15. Ida. the littie twenty-two months old dauehter of Mr. and Mrs. Clydo Cole, died" Wednesday forenoon. This morning a postmortem was held which revealed the cause of áeath to be a large iatted floating kidney. Ypsilanti Commercial. William Dickinson, who is said to have been the oldest conductor on the Michigan Central, and who was a former resident of this city, was stricken with paralysis Tuesday evening, and iHed at his home in Detroit at 8 :20 that night. Cora Tanner, the domestic of George Gaudy, was quite badly burned Sunday eveninc She was filling a gasoline stove and supposed that the burner was turned off. In filling the stove some tjasollne was slopped over and ïcrnited, burninï her about the hands and face. Chelsea Hekald. Last Sunday, Frank Brant, who has been working for John Wenk, of Lima, took a watch, shirt and a new pair of Bhoes belonging to his employer and Btarted oiï towards Ann Arbor. Mr. Wenk came to Chelsea and notified deputy sheriff Staffan who atarted in pursu'it and suoceeded in arresting him a few miles this ülde of Ann Arbor. Hedanied all knowledge ot the watoh at first, but finally confessed and told Mr. Staffaa where to find it. Ke was taken before Justice B. B. Turnbull Tuesday mornin, pjed guilty, and was genteneed to 60 daya in the county jail. Dexter Leader. Last Thurdy Postmaster Costello turned over the ftflfairs oí Uncle Sam here to his successor, Charles H. Stannard and steppod down out of the office that he has Ulied so acceptably during the past four years. His able assistant Miss Cora Warren, whom the public have ever found prompt and obliging, wlll remain with the new administration for a short time uutil Mr. Stannard gots "onto his job," as the slang goes. J. L. Newkirk entered on a ministerial carear, but soon saw that he was unflt to wield weapons on the head push of the power of darkness without gome practico on a lesser devil, and he bo't tlio Fiat Rock News. Ho bas now oíd it ind goos forth once more against the mam guy of sin strengtiiened in every way. Manchester Enterprise. Jay Fox, a former Manchester boy, who of late years has been living vvith relatives ia B'-idgevvater, graduated from the Ana Arbor High School last month. Jay's Manchester friends have not seen much of him for some time, hut wtil be pleased to learn that he has pluckily worked bis way through the school and that he was president of the class, who presented him with a fine Webster'a dictionary and $10 in gold. He will enter the University in the f all. Three or four men in a more or less intoxieated condition, were seen hanging around the depot grounds Sunday evening. One of thena tried to get into Mr. Haschley's baro but was driven off by the old gentleman, who sent for the marshall and had two of the tramps locked up.


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