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Keeping Warm

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"Tt may seera a farfotebed caüüon to teil my patients to be sure and keep warm whca the thermometer is ranging arouud in the seventies and eighties, but tbat is just what I nnd it neediul to do," said one ot the most sucoessful practitioners of the present day. "And Juñt here I want to aay that hot-water baga and hot-water cana, if kept handy by, and used whenever there was any reasonable excuse for it, would save many a sick spell and more doctors' bilis than those who never use hut water can imagine. I have a patiënt who s and has for many years been almost an invalid. Only the most painstaking care heus kept her on her feet. She ís subject to neuralgias and ehills and a low state of vitality erally, and flnds it impossible to keep warm in a quite comfortable temperature. Some years ago she had several cans made for holding hot water. They held about one gallon each, and had 6crew taps to close them. They were fllled with hot water and kept at her feet at night or in her easy chair during the day. W henever she has one of the chilly spells from which she suffers so much, she wraps herself up warmly, places one can at her feet and anotüer at her slde or back and eurls herself up for a cozy nap. In almost every instance she wakens up refreshed and bright, and able to go on with whatever she haa Jn hand, 8efore she adopted the hot-water theory she used to try in vain to get sleep or rest. She toased and writhed and ached with weariness and exhaustion. Now the cheering warmth rests an4 restores her, and almost immedlately she falls into a sound and refreshing eleep, from which she awakens really fited in mina ana uoay. tne neai draws the blood from the braln, equalizes the circulatlon and increases the vltality. "It is one oi the most difflcult things imaginable to make people understand the value of heat in almost all minor disorders. Whenever the system becomes what is popularly spoken oí ftö 'run down,' there ia a feeling of chilliness, which is not only exceedingly uncomfortable, but may be the forerunner of illness. If the temperature can be kept up to the normal one may assist nature to shake off disease. We are very far from knowing at what the effect oL medicine is on the human system. We know that it helps to remove obstructions and restores lqst CQ.nd.itiong, bt preelely how it does thla U not yet given to us to comprehend. "There are certain things that we know will produce certain results, and many of these are exceedingly imple, and within the reach of every one. To keep the feet dry and warm, the body protected froni chille, and the digestive organs moderately well supplled with nourishing food is to go a long way on the road of gopd health. H 6 not generally understood that a hotwater bag applied to the stomach is a better aid to digestión than all the dinner pills and powders ever compounded and put upon the market. It seema quite as little known that a glass of ' cold water at the end of 3. mea has been the first caune ot more dyspepsla than doctors have ever cured. A little hot drink at meáis, and a great deal of hot water in bags and eans would save untold suffering, and keep wany a p$y-. son in tne njoyinent of excellent health."


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