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A Queen's Visit

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To be oíd and poer and bedridden is generfilly tü ie debarred from the gieater privileges of liLe, but there was one old man in Scotland who found nis disadvantages had procured him a privilege that the strong and more active members, of his family were seeking in valn. It was on au occasion when Queen Victoria was at Balmoral, and, as she often did, she went one day, unaccompanled, to visit the cottages. In one ol these she found an old man, bedridden and quite alone, and she sat down to talk to him. "And how is it you are alone?" she psked. "Have you no one to keep you company?" "No," replied the old man, innocently, "my folks be all away seeing the queen; they thought they might get a glimpse of her." His visitor made no reply, but she sat with the old man, pleasantly fllling the gap made by the absence of "his folks," and then found time to read to hlm from the Bible she herself treasured. On leaving she gave a further proof of her sympathy in the shape of a flvepound note, aecompaaylag it with the words: "When your people come back, teil them that while they have been to see the queen, the queen has been to see you."


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