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RINSEY & SEABOLT f NO. 6 and 8 Washington St. Have always on hand a complete Stock of everything in the GROCERY LINE Teas, Coffees and Sugar AU prime articles bought for cash and can solí at low tigures. üur frequent Wge invoices o( Teas is a sure sign we ' ive bargains In Qu-ality and Prices. We roast our own coffees every week always fresh and good. Our bakery turns out the very best of Bread, Cakes Mud Crackers. Cali and see us. lïïTÊATfARKET 19 N. FOORTH AVE. We sell for cash, cheap. All Home Grown Meats. Your custom is solicited. H. P. VOGEL, Proprietor. "IMPORTANT NOTICE ! Jhin'l be Jkceived by paying f anoy prices for Sewing Machines. If you do, you simply help to pay large salaries and commissions. I carry a line of first-class sewinp macliines, and can sellstrictly high-grade gooás at prices that talk. I have the White, Standard and Household Also needies, oil and repairs ,for all machines. Oliicell N. Main-st., Opera House Bik., Ann Arlwr. L. O'TOOLE. WM r:id, Local Manager PITTSBl'IMíH PliATK I.ARH CO. Depot, 124 w 123 Urnsd K W., DETROIT, KICH. ' Do yon know tlwt Platk ulass will artJ M per "ent to tho appearaace of yoiir pruperty, and only a trine tu ita t'i ti No other one feature is fü íiapürtliut. When iu want uf Ulass jet uur prices. Kelly's Prunlng Shears, aJL4 Howcr Oathcrer nd (irape Pieker. iï AU ín one simple tooi, wwcn, unlike HEv orflinary Shears, ÉBf Clrculars Free. Prunlng Sher C„ fremont, 0. "THE GENDRON " E BICYpLE ijjPTjW'ell made. strong and easy running. liCtXlHas all the latest devices. A wheel np CZ Imr'o date in every particular. Write to T.s JJiy A. BEESCH. Xo. 613 Siimmit Strctt. IM TOI-EDO. OHIO, and learn liow tu i eoí;e for nothinc. WM. W. NICHOLS, Dental Pari o is! OVER SAV1NGS HAKK OPP0 SITE COVBT HOUSE SQUARE. ' Aitoruer at law, Rnian, fllelt. Money loaned for outside partles.AU legal business givon prompt attention. LOUIS ROHDE, - DEALER IN- 2 COAL, WOOD, LIME, -AND - Cements, Land Piaster, Drain Tiles, Sewer Pipes - CASn PAID FOR- HIDES, IRON, BONUS. Yards Near Ana Arbor Railroad, Hurou Street. Office. 36 li. Ilurou-! HUMPHREYS' No. 1 Cures Fever. No. 2 " Worms. No. 3 " Infants' Diseases. No. 4 " Diarrhea. No. 8 " Neuralgia. No. 9 Cures Headache. No. 1O " Dyspepsia. No. 1 1 " Delayed Periods. No. 12 " Leuchorrea. No. 14 " Skin Diseases. No. 15 Cures Rheumatism. No. 16 " Malaria. No. 2O " WhoopingCough No. 27 " Kidney Diseases. No. 3O " Urinary Diseases No. 77 " Colds and Grip. Sold by Druggists, or sent prepnicl on receipt oL price, 25c, or 5 for $1. Dr. Humphbeys' Homeopathic Manual op Diseasek Mailed Free. Humphreyi' Med. Co., 111 William 8t., N. Y. Ö1 CUBES WHtRL ALL ELSe7aiIsTÍ3 tgá Hit Coutfb Sjrup. Tastos Goil. Ub6 WH ja ".'.'j . 'i' ;.':'."' i''. .


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