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Drs. Kennedy & Kergan

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WEAK; NERVOUS, DISEASED MEN 250,000 CÜRED IN 2O YEARS. &CURES GUARANTEED OR NO PAY I .Jlliéaïk $1000 IN GOLD F0R A CASE WE 3 jPÈB. Z. uu ""■" CANNOTCURE OF êWC SELF'ABUSE EHISSIÜNS, VAKICO1B jC ddffÜfSk CELE, CONCEALED DRAINS, STRICTIC#PIEfcf!fl URE QLEET, SYPHILIS, STUNTED m5ÉÉ iWS&Ü s0 PARTS, LOST MANHOOD, I.MPOTEN""PifcfP -WZÊÈrtMÊ CY' NEIV0US DEBÍL1TY, U.NNAT"WSvMHTS LJRAL DISCHARQI3S, ETC. I1Í H The New Method Treatment is the rmEx5SEwE Greatest Discovery of the Age ankeysweeck. FOR CURING THESE DI-3EASES Thousands of young and mlddle aged men aro annually swont to a premature gravo through EARLY I.NDISCRhTI JNS. EX .tSSES, AND LOOD D1SEASES. If you have anyof the tollowlng symptoms consult us before it is too late. Are you nervoua and woak, despondent and gloomy, specks betore the oyes witli dark ctrelea under them, weak back, kldneys irritable, pnlpltatlon of the heart, baahtul. dreams and losses. sediment In urine, pimples on tho face, eyea sunken. hollow cheoks, careworn oxprosslun, poor memnry, lifeless, dlstrustful, lack energy and Rtrengtli, tlred mornlngs, restless nlghts, chungeable mooda, weak manhood, atunted ortfans and premature decay, tjono pains, l:.alr loose, soro throat etc. YOU HAVE SEMINAL WEAKNESS I OUR NEW METHOD THEATMENT alone can cure you, and make a man of you. Underits lnflu j ence the braln booomes aetlve, tho blood purifled ' S.&n,'' 80 that all pimplos, Mo:-1;ch and iilcers ilLsaj']' ar ; ■■.■■:■', 'í$t&Ft''-r the nerves bocomo strong as steel, so that nervous"Brofee' ness, bashfulncss and despondency dlsappear; lr't-i5ÍK''fS the oyes becomo hrlglit, the face full and clear, SHE-'-ttSSut?' vít energy returns to the body. and tho moral, physlcal :'TKS3jBWP and sexual systems are inylgorated; all dralns Hfet J eease -no more vital waste f rom tho systum. Tho SKifö.' ÏH3 varlous organs become natural and nianly. You MW vlk awlmSsR teel yourself n man and know marrlage cannot be ' aBHB VKm a failuro. We invite all the afilie tod to consult ua 'Vi1 I gr !■ ''Wm conñdentlally and trae of charge, lion't lotquacks í ■ VHk.WÍJJBS&'&mSBÍI and fakirs rob you &f your hard earnod dollars. 4, JC-,' WVS V" BM HAS YOUR LOOD J5EEN DISEASEÜ? ;, 4J SYPHILIS is tho most prevalent and most serlous JfllK ""■ "-íL''"-2St2''l BLOOi) dlsease. It sapa the very llfe blood of the j'jïi.'ö-s SüSSSíwSjJ victlm and unless entlrely eradicated trom the sys torn will affect th offaprlng. Beware of Mercury. hbürmtabt blood diseasi. It only suppresaes tho symptoms-our Ni:W MEiMOD i" lilvelr min It fnrerer YOuNU OR IB.jLE-AOED MAN- You've 11 n ga, .,.,-, or indul r.l ín tho fullies oryouth. Solf. abuse or lator excossoa have brukmi Uiwn jrour System. You feel the symptoms ateallnr; over you. Mentally, physlcally and s.-xually you aro not the man you used to be or should be. Lustful prácticos reap rich harvests. Will you hoed the dunger signáis. QtAflr R f Are youavietlm? Have you loat hope? Are youcontemplatlni; marrlago? ■ HIHU' n ! Has your blood beo disoased? Havo you any weaknesM? uur NewMothod ■ Treatment will oure you. Wliat It has dono for othura it will do Iw jou. Con.suHation ■ Pree. No matter who has Iroatod you. write for an honent opinión Freo of Charge. ■ Charges roasonablo. Books Free - "ïho Golden Monitor" (lllustrated), on Dlseases ot ■ Men. lncloan postage, 3 cents. Sealel. Book on "Dlseases of Women" Free S-N0 NAMES USEO WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENI. P.IVATE. No medicine sent C.O.D. B No names on boxes or envelopes. Everth ng confidential. Question list and cotí of Treat■ ment, FREE. M No 148 SHELBYST.i DETROIT, MICH.


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