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A dainty bodice is of pink añil white silk gauze, with insertions of yeüow lace. A little French blouse is of blue and red muslin, with a vest and pointed collar of tómalo red vel vet. A handsome travciin;,' bag shown in England was of tv..'.;vO;V leather in green, with cut gl?.ss bot!.' es having silver gilt tops ana lined vth corded silk. The flttings were ?il suitable for removal to dressing ta'ale. Ladies' traveling cases are now Riöro popular than the bags, as they iii iiold a gown. They contain evcrything that the heart of woman couid wiöfr. Besides the regulation cut gïass botóles, they have a manicure se., saver bottles for the powders, hr-rd mirror, smelling salts, card case, purse, flask, clock, jewel case and pin boxs. A delightful little f roes ta ) slack velvet, trimmed witii black slik hraid, many rows being placed o; toe sliirt. The zouave jacket is trimmed ;he same way and has fronts and a Mo. ici collar trimmed with brocaded satiii- colored flowers on a ground of white. The effect Í3 of quiet simplicity and richness. A new gown has a bolero of white cloth covered with V's of gray braid. An Indian red canvas gown lately scen was trimmed with V-shape folds of itself, the same arrangement being carried out on bodice and skirt, with a multitude of lace and cb.iffon frills to trim the front, neck and wrists of the corsage. A tailor-made gown of terra-cotta is made lovely by revers and straps of white cloth with white and gold buttons. A handsome blouse of white satin has the sleeves entirely covered with steel hand embroidery. Over the waist is wurn a zouave of jet-embroidered black net, with a blue satin waist belt. The front is of white tulle spangled with steel sequins. Another blouse of magenta silk is picturesque with silver loops and buttons opening on a front of white chiffon, but is less original than one of red pongee, with a black design, worked in buttonhole ftitch and trimmed with a collar of tucfced tratistes and insertion. Poulard dresses are well represented by a lovely pinky-blue bluet fane trimmed with gaugings of itself. The bodica is crossed at the back under a sash of faded and deep corn-flower blue. It has a coquettisu jabot of cream lace fastened with steel clasps.


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