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Early Training Of Children

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To learn to respect the perfeciion ol things is of infinite valué to a child. It it is a flower, to shelter and try to keep it allve, never wantoiily to pluck and away a blossom; if it is a book, r.ot to defaee or mar it; if it is a wall, not to mark or defacc it; if it is a smooth-rolled lawn. not to litter it with rubbish nor to defaee it with wheel maiks. To learn to wait patiently, all their life long they will give thanks for having been taught how to do this. How many a pleasant talk has been interrupted, how many an otherwise helpful visit has been Io3t by a teasing, pulling child, tormnting its mother either to listen to its demands or to go somewhere. The whole of its llfe lies in what the child learns of these things.and it must either grow into selfish manhood or j womanhood, or have the evil beaten : out by the hard and bitter teaching of i the world ín which it was meant to be happy and useful, rather than to begin thus late to learn that we cannot live unto ourselves.


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