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Extracting Honey

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Folio wing are ertracts f rom a letter ritten to Thé American Bee Journal to ft well known Illinois bee man on a pió of eommon interest to beekeeiirs. Mr. Dndant writes: ïhe fact that bees are capping a oxnJt .f honejr does nat mean th-at tha Bfray U ofltoiently ripe. I hava often aea hooey woxk, or fonnent, in sucli a way a t5 tmrat tire capping of the ooisb. TM happens more especially. in had and damp Efnmmers, -when it is very íjfflteült for the honey to ripcn, owig to Éhe dmpTieEB of the atmosphere. In can ordicarjr Eeasoo boney may be conidwed Bttflïciontly rlpened ■wheu it has bma oa the hi-ve for week or more. 2$M.grBateet trouWe with nnripe honey oomea from that wblch ia daily addod to an unflniahod super by the bees. Dttjáng tha flrst two or threo days aftei it Itt harve6ted elover or bass'wood honey ia inally so thin as to shake out of the coatis turj radUy, or even to drip out, if the cotnb is npturned. Suoh houey Vfilï B9t do ♦ extract, tinless it is aftorTpi ztyuued arttfloially. ]Smm& Mntb fe Son of Ohio, who hnwtle hundreds of barrels of houey evêry ycai-, teil qs that they ripen their honey by keeping it in opeu vessels, sfter Mrtraotliig, in a warm and dry room. Tiras it Is qnite likcly that if tbe 8nprs are taken ofl and plaoed vrhere they eau have air and wanntb th honey vrill thickwi and become j, bnt ve prefer to bave snch snpers on the hivfl, eren if we have to tier up to msch n extent that it would become ïweMary 1 prop np the hive with tafces at braces. Not only would the fcees ripen this honey faster than oan be éone MÜflcially, bnt there wonld be alto íbe iwiTantag of the super f urnishing them additioual space f or honey as f ast as Use qontity is lessened by evaporation. Ooneequenily we would not start xtraotíng unttl tbere was absolntely no oom ïeft for the bees to store honey, or o Htelc tbat fnrther delay would be fíkely to Induce them to swarm. There are several reasons why the bees work better in an empty super tban in a fnll one - that is, provided the eosnbs re already tmilL The hive betng hn erotyded, they flnd the plaoe to dspocit ttieir load touch more readily má thus loee less time in huuüng íor mpty clli. Tben there is no need of 'bufláing additíonal oombs or whiteaing er Rtretohing the oombs already built IBuí when one anper is f uil and the otofr only one story above it there is but üttte tim lost, and we belieye it is a jwistake to ïemore eitber before they are weïl fllld nnlens more may be procured Wtnnlesacibe erop is at en end. a wry Jrnrt (tac tnr É fat bcinay mumMA , ■ ir bw m (efatt to begiB the xtracting jnst as joon as fbe b arrest eenses. There are ecwroD, horreTcr, Hke the pressnt one, Jwfaen the hoDey flow is bo strong aad po eontiuucms tbat the bes net ov.eriftiwwded and the supers are all fllled Jong befcTe the end of tbe erop. Tbe nïy remedy for Bnch a state of thltigs is ■te èake tbe chances of a little unripe %eney and relieve the hive of its load 'oefore any time is lost by the bees or before waimiug preparations are made. 'When there is auy doubt, however, as ■to the ripenees of the boney, it is well te foHow the Mnth method and keep it ïn epen vessols in a hot, dry plaoe for a few weeks before attenipting to put it tot the niorket.


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