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Appetizing Dishes

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A fresh beef's tongue is excellent boiled slowly until tender aud served with a brown gravy, seasoned with pickles or capera, or ■with a horseradisb sauce. The tongue is good hot, excellent when cold, especially if sliced thin and served with a garnish of water cress or lettuce, and the water in which it was boiled makes an excellent foundation for soup. Calves head is also a good dish. This should be split by the butcher, in order that the brains may be removed. These alone make a nice little breakfast dish. So does the tongue, if boiled, cut into dice and served with a caper sauce. The head inay, when cooked, be served whole, or it may be boiled until tho bones slip from the meat, and this may be eateu wtih a brown gravy or, better still, with what is known as a vinaigrette sauce, made by mincing together a pickled beet, a couple of stalks of celery, a little parsley and chivea and pouring over all enough vinegar to cover them. This should be served in a gravy boat, that each one may help himself. The Hqnor in which tho iiesdr w boiled la, as every one knovrs, íhe toundation for mock tnrtle soup, bui. i may be usea like any other good stock. Sheep'a head may be prepared in tbe same way, and wbile lesa savory tban tbe calf's head, still makes a good dish. Beef heart is also good if properly prepared. It shouíd be soaked iu vinegar and water for seyeral bonrs, tbe gristle ont off and th heart stuffed with a forcé ment made of breadcrambs and fat, tsalt pork, well seasoned with minoed onion and parsley, pepper and salt. It should then be inclosed in a pieoe of oheesecloth, simmered slowly for two hours, taken from the oloth, laid in a dripping pan, flavored, covered with a few thin slices of fat pork and baked to a good brown. It sbould be served very hot, on very hot plates, with a good brown gravy or a tomato sauce. This, too, is excellent if warmedover in grayy or made into a hash.


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